What Are The 7 Chakra Frequencies?

by Fernando Martinez

The 7 chakras and their effects in the body may be known particularly to yoga and meditation enthusiasts. However, what do we know about Chakra and their frequencies?

While the chakra system refers to the seven primary ‘energy fields’ of the body, Solfeggio Frequencies describes an age-long scale used by meditation and healing practitioners.

The use of these spiritual tones (Solfeggio frequencies) dates back to ancient times when Gregorian monks chanted the tones for rituals. The natives believed that when sung harmoniously, the different frequencies could cause unique spiritual awakening.

Guido D’Arezzo, a Benedictine Monk, is famed the originator and father of these healing tones.

The Solfeggio Scale consists of 6 primary healing frequencies. Music in the different frequencies evokes unique properties which brings healing to the body, soul and spirit.

Each of these frequencies matches a chakra and releases specific healing properties which promote the flow of the chakra system.

This article discusses each of the frequencies and how your Chakras resonate with them.

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 Perhaps you already know – while there are over a hundred different Chakras spread across the human body, seven [lined along the length of your spine] are considered the main energy fields.

These chakras are often referred to as the energy ecosystem of the body.

A clogged or misaligned chakra system produces negative effects – both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Where this occurs, a collection of healing techniques come in handy; including music, Reiki, and essential oil massageThese are age-long tested practices believed to help unclog and realign the Chakras.

If you found this blog while searching for Chakra frequencies, the chances are that you’re already familiar with, at least, the primary chakras.

Otherwise, let’s quickly run through the 7 main Chakras in your body – their names, associated colors, and locations in your body

Woman mediating to help with Chakra flow


First chakra

  • Name: The Root Chakra
  • Associated Color: Red
  • Location: Tail bone (spine base)

Second Chakra

  • Name: Sacra Plexus Chakra
  • Associated color: Orange
  • Location: Lower abdomen; beneath the navel

Third Chakra

  • Name: Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Associated color: Yellow
  • Location; stomach area (Upper abdomen)

Fourth Chakra

  • Name: Heart Chakra
  • Associated color: Green
  • Location: The middle of your chest

Fifth Chakra

  • Name: Throat Chakra
  • Associated color: Light blue
  • Location: Throat

Sixth Chakra

  • Name: Third-eye Chakra
  • Associated Color: Purple and dark blue
  • Location: Your forehead –the middle of your two eyes

Seventh Chakra

  • Name: Crown Chakra
  • Associated Color: White/violet
  • Located at The top middle [crown] of your head

Mapping the Solfeggio Frequencies and 7 Chakras

From time immemorial, sounds have been prized for their therapeutic and healing potentials.

Certain tones can also affect our state of mind and influence mood.

Music and sounds have some characteristic vibrations and frequencies. Therefore some music sounds more soothing than others. However, you may notice what other people feel drawn to may sound repulsive to you.

Typically, human emotions resonate with different things and in unique ways. For music, the different frequencies produce different results across different listeners.

Originally, there are 6 Solfeggio Frequencies. Let’s quickly discuss them individually and their associated chakras.


Root Chakra, 396 Hz Frequency

This is a low and smooth solfeggio frequency believed to help rid trauma, fear, and guilt.

This frequency primarily links to the root chakra.

Sacral Chakra, 417 Hz Frequency

This activates creativity and positive change. The 417 Hz frequency is thought to alleviate tension and stress, allowing you to free up tight joints and muscles and, in turn, increase physical mobility.

This frequency is most associated with the sacral chakra.

Solar Chakra, 528 Hz Frequency

This frequency is responsible for miracles and dramatic changes in people. Tones in this frequency help pain and anxiety relief, weight loss, and rewiring of your brain’s neural pathways. The 528 Hz frequency is associated with the solar chakra.

Heart Chakra, 639 Hz Frequency

This frequency activates healing and love.  It’s in-depth, profound, and associated with vulnerability and intimacy. The 639 Hz frequency creates the foundation for interpersonal connections and healthy relationships – little wonder it connects to the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra, 741 Hz Frequency

This frequency promotes speaking the truth and empowerment. Sounds in this frequency encourage idea generation, creative thinking, clear speaking, and self-confidence.

This frequency influences the throat chakra.

Third-eye Chakra, 852 Hz Frequency

This frequency triggers a higher realm of spiritual thinking. It walks you out of illusions, introducing you to reality and the true elements of your environment.

852 Hz links you to astral projections and deep dreams, bringing you closer to your true self.

This frequency resonates with the third-eye chakra.

Three Additional Solfeggio Frequencies

While the 6 frequencies have been well known over the years, lately, some deeper research found additional three solfeggio frequencies, namely, 174 Hz, 285 Hz, and 963 Hz

Let’s go over them quickly...

174 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

174Hz frequency, considered the lowest of them all, serves as a powerful anaesthesia.

This frequency is ideal for alleviating pain in your physical body. It triggers slow and mildly soothing features, which encourage the feeling of safety, security, and firm convictions.

285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

This frequency targets the energy house by freeing up blockages and addressing holes in your aura and, as well, opens up your chakra system.

For energy healers, this frequency is a common preference.

936 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

The 936 Hz Solfeggio Frequency is the highest of all the tones. It is said to connect you to the universe and its perfection. This allows us to flow with the single force upon which the now and future is founded. This frequency inspires our crown chakra.

Solfeggio Frequencies


Mapping Solfeggio frequencies and the chakras is useful – a knowledge which helps therapists, healers, and meditation tutors understand which tone to play for specific needs of students and clients.

Not just for experts and tutors though…this knowledge also comes handy if you wish to know the exact frequency to play for personal stimulation, as well as to realign the chakra system for proper flow.


Ancient records reveal the power of rhythm and frequency and their place in healing, hypnosis and influencing a greater level of self-awareness. These techniques have been used for hundreds of years.

The Solfeggio frequency theory holds that the world is founded on vibrations. While some objects may seem fixed, the fact is, they are vibrating and respond to different frequencies.

This ancient-aged theory [which has gained modern science support] was considered the root of traditional healings for several hundred years.

Music comprises different frequencies, of which their vibrations influence human consciousness.

The Chakras System and Solfeggio frequencies forms an excellent combo for facilitated healing and stimulation of positive emotions.

When next you find yourself in an environment where the frequency scales are used, you may want to journal the effect you feel for each frequency. You may find some long-searched-for truths, and some lead to the source of your problems.

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