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What is Smell Therapy?

Smell Retraining Therapy (SRT) is an effective method of regaining the sense of smell when weakened due to conditions such as viral infection or head trauma. The treatment involves introducing different smells to the nose for a prolonged period so that the olfactory system creates memories associated with each scent. This is especially beneficial if there were aromas you used to enjoy before your sense of smell was weakened. A good approach is to start using at least four strong scents, which can help maximize your chances of success in regaining the pleasure and appreciation that comes with a heightened sense of smell.

What Is Involved with Smell Therapy?

Smell therapy is a powerful technique for improving olfactory memory. The process involves presenting different smell therapy essential oils to the nose, allowing the olfactory system to become more familiar with that smell over time. When successfully using SRT, start with at least four essential oils for the loss of smell believed to be most effective, such as rose (floral), lemon (fruity), cloves (spicy), and eucalyptus (resinous).

To ensure that the scents are remembered, take sniffs of each scent for 20 to 30 seconds multiple times per day – focusing on the individual smell and taking note of your associated memories. The essential oil therapy for loss of smell works best with consistency, so continue this practice for at least 12 weeks to be effective!

Patience is the key for the therapy to be successful! Smell therapy works by leveraging the unique ability of our smell nerves to regrow, all the while encouraging improved brain connectivity. However, the process may take some time to enhance your ability to smell the scents and redefine your way of living.

Why Do We Use These Four Special Scents?

Exploring the world of smells and tastes is a fascinating way to expand our understanding of how our senses interact with the world. While people have always been able to readily identify the different tastes like salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and savory (umami) flavors, categorizing the many different smells around us is slightly more challenging.

Researchers have taken up this challenge and successfully organized smell into floral, fruity, spicy, resinous, and what some would deem unpleasant odors – burnt and foul. Smell retraining therapy hones in on the pleasant aroma categories – the first four, and encourages a greater appreciation of the world through one's olfactory senses!

Can SRT Help With COVID-19 Symptoms?

Olfactory retraining is a new and innovative approach to addressing parosmia in long-COVID patients. Research has concluded it can effectively restore the sense of smell in such patients, and those who engage in this process see an impact within six to twelve weeks and maximal results typically take up to 24 weeks. This sensory rehabilitation involves smelling powerful scents such as citrus, cloves, and eucalyptus daily while actively assessing how these smells are perceived. By re-establishing connections between the nose and brain through this dedicated practice, olfactory retraining may also improve the general quality of life, as the smell is deeply connected to taste and overall well-being.

Where Can I Get the Fragrances?

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