Essential Oils: Finding The Right One For You

by Kirby Drake

Discovering which essential oils are right for your needs can get you started on the path to a cleaner, healthier living. 

These natural plant extracts are widely used for a range of different health and wellness reasons and are considered by many to be effective forms of alternative medicine. There are plenty of applications where essential oils are used, not just in the modern age but for the past several centuries.

If you are interested in learning which essential oils may work best for you and your goals, read on. 

What Are Essential Oils? 

In general terms, essential oils are the compounds extracted from a few common plants. These oils are loaded with the unique flavor and scent of the plant, which is why they are widely used for aromatherapy.

There are plenty of mechanical methods or distillation processes to obtain pure essential oil, however, before use, they should be combined with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba. 

It is important to mention that most essential oils should not be ingested because they can cause some unwelcome reactions. These oils are incredibly potent and often volatile in large, undiluted volumes.

But when properly applied to the skin, they can bring amazing results. Moreover, inhaling the aroma of these pure oils can stimulate various parts of your limbic system, and may further help to control moods, aid in long term memory, sense of smell and key behaviors as well. 

essential oil blends for sleep and other wellness purposes

Versatile Essential Oils

The market is loaded with so many types of essential oils, and each one of them is used for a specific purpose but certain oils have multiple beneficial uses. Below we have listed a few details about some of the most versatile oils:

  • Lavender:

This oil is incredibly popular as it offers all kinds of potential benefits. The amazing aroma of lavender helps people to feel relaxed and calm, which can help you to enjoy quality sleep. Breathing lavender oil is great for alleviating headaches, and topical use can help to combat swelling and itching caused by bug bites. 

  • Roman Chamomile:

With the impressive combination of herbal and floral aroma, this oil is good for introducing a calming sensation to the brand. You can find some good quality equipment for diffusing essential oils and then inhale this oil via steam. Experts recommend this oil to treat conditions like eczema and inflammation.

  • Grapefruit:

It is derived from citrus fruit and is believed to have amazing anti-fungal properties. As it has a pleasing fresh citrus aroma, it's great to use with an essential oil diffuser. This oil can help to keep unwanted away bugs and insects. 

  • Peppermint:

Many studies support the idea of inhaling the minty herbal aroma of peppermint oil to provide relief from tension headaches as well as symptoms of IBS. Moreover, certain evidence reveals that the cooling effect of this oil is useful to treat sunburn and muscle pain. It's often used to treat insect bites and poison ivy rashes as well. 

In addition to these, oils such as  cedar-wood, frankincense, ylang-ylang, and rose are used not only for their pleasant aroma, but for their strong antibacterial and bug repelling qualities.

woman benefiting from the use of lavender essential oil for stress relief

If you're looking for a carefully crafted essential oil blends for your aromatherapy needs then consider MOXE's signature essential oil blends. MOXE's essential oil blends consist of 100% essential oils to help soothe your mind and promote feeling of tranquility.  


Finding the right essential oil for your needs can help you achieve a more balanced, sustainable lifestyle. Certain oils have a variety of uses and taking advantage of the natural medicine essential oils provide can jump-start your path to cleaner, healthier living. 

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