The Benefits of Inhaling Pink Himalayan Salt

by Fernando Martinez

Halotherapy or salt therapy has been used for thousands of years. Lately, the concept has gained increasing popularity in the United States as a potential treatment for respiratory conditions.

The salt used in this form of therapy comes from salt mines that are rich with pink Himalayan crystals. These mineral-infused salts have many health benefits that can be obtained by inhaling them through the nose or mouth. Salt therapy has been found to help with several problems including respiratory, mental, and emotional issues. 

This article details the health benefits of inhaling pink Himalayan salt, how it works, and why you should consider combining aromatherapy with salt therapy. If your looking for the best essential oil nasal inhaler with pink Himalayan salt then check out our MOXĒ Breathe Nasal Inhaler.


What is Pink Himalayan Salt and Where Does it Come From?

The Pink Himalayan Salt originates from the Khewra Salt Mine, located in the Punjab region of Pakistan. About 800 million pounds of this ancient rock salt is extracted daily.

The salt is mined by hand, after which the crystals are thoroughly examined and cleaned before crushing them into tiny grains for easy application or used to make products like salt bowls.

Many kitchen connoisseurs recommend salt for the unique savor and taste it adds to dishes.

But away from its culinary applications, Pink Himalayan salt can be used for salt therapy through body scrub, salt bath, diffusers, and inhalers - to mention a few.

The Benefits of Inhaling Pink Himalayan Salt

Both pink Himalayan salt and your traditional table salt are rich in sodium chloride but the former has as many as 84 other components and minerals, including trace minerals like magnesium potassium, strontium, calcium, and molybdenum.

These trace minerals are impurities and is where pink Himalayan Salt gets its rosy hue.  

In ancient Greece, Himalayan Salt was often recommended for respiratory conditions and studies in the 19th century found that those who worked in salt mines were rarely diagnosed with lung diseases.

This finding led to the infusion of the salt in aromatherapy; a practice that exists to date.

Lets' quickly run through some potential benefits of inhaling Himalayan salt through products like salt lamps and salt inhalers.

1. Air Purification

Himalayan is thought to reduce your exposure to smoke, dust, pollen, and related airborne contaminants. Many people use salt lamps in their rooms, claiming to enjoy purer air for respiratory health and general wellness.

2. Improves the Respiratory System

More than purifying the air, Himalayan salt can help clean the respiratory system -- a good recommendation for people with respiratory problems such as  asthma.

Many of our customers who have used our MOXĒ Breathe Nasal Inhaler, our essential oil and pink Himalayan salt-infused inhaler say they experience relief after use, providing temporary relief to respiratory concerns like allergies, asthma, and sinuses.

3. Stress relief

Inhaling pink Himalayan salt is a great way to relax and unwind. This mineral has a soothing effect that can help reduce stress, especially in the workplace.

A 2010 study suggests that Himalayan salt may also help boost serotonin levels, increase energy, and reduce stress and its symptoms, including depression.

4. Improves Sleep

When stressed, the body produces cortisol, your body’s main stress hormone. These excess cortisol levels can interrupt the proper distribution of melatonin, a sleep hormone. Reducing one's response to stress by inhaling Himalayan salt may also help improve sleep.

It further clears your respiratory channel, promoting a long peaceful uninterrupted night sleep.

Remember that Pink Himalayan salt is usually used as part of holistic treatment and not as a stand-alone therapy for tough conditions. We recommend  you to discuss severe respiratory health conditions with your doctor. 

Combining Aromatherapy with Pink Himalayan Salt

Active women inhaling MOXE breathe nasal inhaler with pink Himalayan salt and essential oils

Pink Himalayan Salt can play a huge role in aromatherapy. If you're looking for a better aromatherapeutic experience, consider using Pink Himalayan salt with essential oils - either as inhalers, or diffusers.

Breathe Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler with Himalayan Salt

This combination can bring the spa-like smell into your home, ushering in a calm and relaxed aura.

Consider using products like MOXĒ Breathe Nasal Inhaler with Pink Himalayan Salt which contains peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, cajeput, rosemary, and lavender essential oils for instant relief of nasal congestion and clear breathing. It’s  a super-portable way to experience aromatherapy and salt therapy anywhere and anytime!

Why Use Himalayan Salt Inhaler?

For respiratory effects, Himalayan salt inhalers can help reduce air contaminants and relieve sinuses.

The salt's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can also help manage asthmas, allergies, hay fever, and related symptoms.

If you've been regularly exposed to smoke, dust, smog, or pet dander, a Himalayan salt inhaler can help detox your lungs. This way, you'll be reducing the risk of future respiratory concerns.

How to Use Aromatherapy Himalayan Salt Nasal Inhalers

Applying aromatherapy Himalayan Salt nasal inhalers can be as easy as ABC. For instance, here's how MOXE’s portable nasal inhaler works:

  1. Twist the cap to remove the inhaler from its compact casing.
  2. Place the inhaler close to your nostril and inhale as needed.
  3. Enjoy the minty, refreshing, and invigorating aroma.

Indeed, enjoying the aromatherapeutic essence of essential oils and the rich Himalayan Pink Salt has never felt so good and seamless.

Other Ways Pink Himalayan Salt Is Used?

Unlike your regular cooking salt, the Pink Himalayan salt has multiple applications. Here are a few:

Salt Bath

For its skin-moisturizing property, you can immerse, body-and-feet, in a bathtub laced with Himalayan Salt fine grains. Warm water may create a more-suiting effect.

1/8 cup of Himalayan salt in each gallon of water will do the job.

With this method, the warm water opens your pores and makes your skin be more receptive to the salt’s properties, including copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iodine.

This can also be a good detox, purging your skin from toxins lurking in the air, water, and products like our foods, drinks, and topical applications.

According to experts, you’re exposed to around 700,000 toxins daily. A good Himalayan salt bath can slash the number for you.

Himalayan Salt Block

For lovers of good meals (who isn’t?) Himalayan salt can make healthy, tasty dishes.

Cooking with Himalayan salt block, you not only enjoy the unique health benefits, but the salt also delivers a uniquely savory appeal.

Salt blocks can make your dishes at a regular pace. You can even allow the food on the block while you prepare other dishes. The block holds food temperature.

Salt Bowl

Himalayan Salt bowl is a beauty to behold. But besides its visual attraction, the bowl is highly durable and can outlast several generations.

Himalayan salt bowl's ruggedness can withstand both hot and freezing temperatures. It’s suitable for baking and serving dishes as well as for your frozen custard.

Skin Scrub Exfoliation

Himalayan salt can boost collagen production and help your skin glow and stay smooth.

For a good result, you can mix a cup of finely ground pink Himalayan Salt crystals and ¼ cup carrier oil (preferably, olive oil.)

If you desire a more fragrant formula, add about ten drops of your favorite essential oil.

Before applying this scrub, wet your skin. Apply scrub, maintaining a circular motion, to knock off dead skin cells.

Be careful to keep the solution away from cut or broken skin areas.


The benefits of inhaling pink Himalayan salt are numerous and now conveniently  portable thanks to compact size of our MOXĒ Breathe Nasal Inhaler with Pink Himalayan Salt.

The article provides information about the various benefits of inhaling pink Himalayan salt, how it works, and where to get started using this ancient form of therapy. It also explains the benefits of adding essential oils with your salt therapy.

For more health improvement advice with safe and 100% natural ingredients like essential oils and Pink Himalayan Salt, visit our latest blogs, read up our FAQ, or contact us to discuss with our friendly staff for a more personalized guide.

 For your organic essential oils and thoughtful blends, visit MOXE and check out our amazing offers. 

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