Why You Should Use Hypoallergenic Hand Sanitizer That Is Gentle On Skin

by Joshua Matzkin

Many people use hand sanitizer to clean their hands but they may not know that this product can actually cause dryness and irritation on the skin. Because of this, many people believe hand sanitizers are bad for your skin. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

While some hand sanitizers may cause excessive skin dryness, safely formulated hand sanitizers are designed to be safe and gentle on the skin. So, if you are experiencing dry or irritated skin after using hand sanitizer, you may want to try a more skin-friendly hand sanitizer like MOXĒ Premium Hand Sanitizers.

Like MOXĒ Hand Sanitizers, hypoallergenic hand sanitizers use very gentle formulas that contain only high-quality ingredients designed for people with sensitive skin types and undergo a clinical trial overseen by a dermatologist. But what does it mean for a product to be labeled as hypoallergenic?

In this blog post, we will explore the meaning behind hypoallergenic products and provide reasons why you should use hypoallergenic hand sanitizer instead of regular hand sanitizers to keep your hands clean while also protecting them from skin irritations.

What is a Hypoallergenic Product, and What Are The Benefits of Using One?

Hypoallergenic is commonly used to refer to products with mild ingredients that are unlikely to trigger an allergy.

For hand sanitizers, hypoallergenic products simply refer to skin-friendly hand rubs that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Many people experience dryness and skin irritations after regular use of hand sanitizers. Excessive use of hand rubs may cause itchiness, cracks, or even worse conditions like dermatitis

To avoid these discomforting conditions, dermatologists recommend hypoallergenic hand sanitizers. These sterilizers are mild, non-toxic, and devoid of ingredients that are potential allergens.

Hypoallergenic products like MOXĒ Unscented Hand Sanitizer Gel contain aloe vera and Vitamin E, ingredients that moisturize and nourish your skin.


Hypoallergenic Hand sanitizers vs. Regular hand Sanitizers

Shopping for hand sanitizers, you’ll find two types of products on the retail shelves: hypoallergenic and regular hand sanitizers. Let's quickly examine their differences.

Hypoallergenic Hand Sanitizers 

As mentioned, hypoallergenic hand sanitizers are mild on your skin. Even with regular applications, these products hardly ever cause any adverse reaction.

Hypoallergenic hand rubs contain only a few necessary ingredients. They lack artificial perfumes, dyes, and other components, which are not only unnecessary but can ruin your skin.

Regular Hand Sanitizers

In a bid to create a sweet-smelling and visually appealing product, many manufacturers pack several toxic ingredients in their hand rubs. Common allergens in hand rubs include:

  • Chlorhexidine, an antiseptic agent
  • Artificial fragrance for the smell
  • Synthetic dye for coloration

Some of these regular hand sanitizers are effective against viruses and bacteria, but they can cause whole new trouble for your skin.

Why You Should Use Hypoallergenic Hand Sanitizer That Is Gentle On Skin

How to Choose a Hypoallergenic Hand Sanitizer That's Right For You

With the truckload of hand sanitizer brands out there, choosing an actual skin-friendly hand sanitizer can be tricky – particularly if you have easily irritated skin.

Ideally, hypoallergenic hand sanitizers do not contain preservatives, dyes, or even perfumes. A sterilizing formula is usually the main ingredient – which is, in most cases, alcohol.

Chances are that the main ingredient is the cause of your allergy. If so, consider a product with a different ingredient or less concentration.

For instance, 60 to 85 percent alcohol concentration is the standard recommendation for alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Products with over 90 percent alcohol content are not only ineffective for eliminating bacteria, but they can also dry out your hands and cause several degrees of skin irritations.

When scouting for a hypoallergenic hand sterilizer, ignore the jingles. See what's on the ingredient list and watch out for hidden fragrances, and dyes.

Don't be carried away – the "hypoallergenic" and "safe for sensitive skin" tags you see on labels are not always trustworthy. Some pack on harmful ingredients waiting to ruin unsuspecting buyers’ skin.

If you have a perceived hand sanitizer allergy, you should discontinue usage immediately and see a dermatologist for advice and, perhaps, a more suitable recommendation(s).

Why Should I Use a Hypoallergenic Hand Sanitizer, Even if I Don't Have Allergies or Sensitivities?

Hypoallergenic hand sanitizers are commonly mentioned when users report allergies or sensitivity.

But whether or not you have sensitive skin, hypoallergenic hand sanitizer’s ingredients are generally safer and more reliable for hand hygiene.

Normally, alcohol will dry out your hands. But quality hypoallergenic options contain CDC-recommended alcohol concentration and other ingredients like all-natural aloe vera extract, vitamin E, and glycerin which keeps your hands soft and nourished.

Such a formula leaves you 99.9% protected from germs without messing up your skin texture or causing skin irritation like eczema, cracks, and dermatitis.

With hypoallergenic hand sanitizers, it's a win-win. You stay protected from germs while moisturizing and revitalizing your skin.

Hypoallergenic hand rubs are suitable for arguably all skin types and ideal for regular applications.

The Best Way To Use Hypoallergenic Hand Sanitizers 

Using hypoallergenic hand sanitizer isn't anything different from using regular hand sanitizers.

According to the CDC, here are helpful tips to using hand sanitizers:

  • Utilize hand rubs with not less than 60 percent alcohol and not more than 90 percent.
  • Spritz or drop on your palm and rub generously to cover your fingers and the entire palm.
  • Rub both palms together for about 20 seconds.
  • Allow to dry up naturally. Do not wipe off or wash your hands after application.
  • Consider hand sanitizer where there is no access to flowing water and soap.

Are Hypoallergenic Hand Sanitizers As Effective As Regular Hand Sanitizers?

For sanitizers, being mild on the skin doesn't necessarily mean being friendly to germs. Some hypoallergenic hand sanitizers are even more effective against germs than regular hand rubs.

For instance, products like MOXE Citrus Hand Sanitizer Gel contain 70 percent ethanol (as recommended by CDC) which makes it highly effective against germs. But it further incorporates naturally hydrating and skin-friendly ingredients like aloe leaf juice and glycerine to replenish lost moisture and nutrients.

So, hypoallergenic products may be gentle on the skin, they are hostile to germs.

Where to buy hypoallergenic hand sanitizers?

Finding hypoallergenic hand sanitizers has gotten a lot easier. 

Although regular sanitizers with scents and loads of other secondary ingredients are predominant, there are still skin-friendly options. 

A simple “where to buy hypoallergenic hand sanitizers” Google search will generate a ton of options.

Unfortunately, with the steady demand for hand sanitizers and the corresponding rise in sanitizer manufacturers, counterfeit products are having a field day in the poorly regulated market, cashing out on buyers’ ignorance. Currently, it's hard to tell quality from fakes. 

To save yourself the calculations and risk of wasting resources on a fake sanitizer that will ruin your skin, consider one of MOXE Premium Hand Sanitizers. We have thoughtfully designed products with carefully selected ingredients as required to protect your hands and leave your skin soft and nourished. 


Are you ready to give your hands a break from the regular hand sanitizer and switch over to something safer for sensitive skin? Try out our safe for skin Premium Hand Sanitizers.

We hope this blog post has helped clear up some of the misconceptions about hypoallergenic hand sanitizing products so that you can make an educated decision on which one is right for you.

Now that you know more about hypoallergenic hand sanitizers and how they can help protect your hands, we hope you'll keep our website in mind the next time you're on the hunt for a better hand sanitizer!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team or reach out on social media! You can also browse through MOXĒ's selection of natural essential oil-infused products by visiting our site.

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