Essential Oils To Relieve Neck Pain

by Fernando Martinez

Are you suffering from neck pain and tried all over-the-counter neck pain relief products with no success? Chances are that you’re searching for a more natural remedy to your debilitating neck pain experience.

Before we go over some of the best essential oils for neck pain, we'll also discuss the pain itself and some common causes.

A meta-analysis research study showed aromatherapy or the inhalation of essential oils to be successful in relieving pain. One the best and easiest way to use aromatherapy for pain relief is through the use of aromatherapy nasal inhalers. 

MOXĒ Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers utilize therapeutic benefits of essentials oils and allows you to use them anywhere and at anytime. MOXĒ nasal inhalers contains a cotton wick that is soaked in a 100% essential oil blend.

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What’s Neck pain and Where Does It Come From? 

Neck pain is discomfort in one or more of the neck’s structures – including nerves and muscles. It may also be traced to a misalignment of the spinal vertebrae and mediating disks in between.

This condition usually occurs between the base of your skull and the torso.

Often, neck pain comes with a range of accompanying effects, including dizziness, backache, headache, and limb discomfort. In critical cases [although rare], it leaves its victim nauseous and vomiting.

If you’ve ever been there, then these common neck pain concerns aren't news to you. But have you ever wondered what could’ve triggered your predicament?

If you’re battling neck pain, here are some likely culprits:

  • Humidity
  • Blast of wind
  • Intense physical activities
  • Injury from a fall or contact sports
  • Stress and tension
  • Abrupt movement
  • Bad [particularly sitting] posture

    While these are common causes of your everyday neck pain, there are more troubling culprits of neck problems, including chronic injuries, cancer, falls, etc.

    Note that the essential oil recommendations in this guide are intended to cater to common everyday neck pains. For severe and chronic cases, see your physician.

    Are You Considering Essential Oils for Neck Pain?

    Over the years, conventional pharmaceutical painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs have become the standard medical prescription. Think of ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen, tramadol, and the like.

    No doubt, these everyday medications are effective in alleviating pains in the neck region and accompanying symptoms.

    But sadly, many anecdotal and research reviews expose some ugly sides of these chemical-packed pharmaceuticals.

    • The most common side effects may include sedation, nausea, constipation, higher risks of falls and fractures.
    • Chronic users are exposed to sexual dysfunction or/and depression.
    • There's a high risk of addiction with opioids, which is, in itself, an entirely new medical concern.
    • Excessive doses can be fatal. The CDC reports a disturbing number of opioid-related overdose and resultant deaths.

        In the search for a safe and more natural remedy for neck pain, some select essential oils have made remarkable impressions.

        From the evidence so far, these recommended essential oils for neck pain not only relieve your sore neck but also curb muscle spasms and loosen the muscles around such affected areas.

        How effective are Essential Oils for Neck Pain?

        Essential oils are considered highly potent and with flexible applications. They’re thought to effectively manage muscle soreness, pain, strains, aches, and other nerve/muscle discomforts. At a closer glance, you'd observe these symptoms are all neck pain associates.

        With the appropriate application, these natural oils may, at worse, cause negligible side effects and risks. However, they are widely considered a lot healthier than your regular NSAID and related anti-pain doses.

        One of the other downsides of pharmaceutical pain meds is the high potential of addiction. Using essential oils for neck pain won’t cause an addiction. Instead, they offer a natural relief; without the threatening health concerns common with conventional pain pills.

        Although not a replacement for your doctor’s prescriptions, I’ll quickly go over five recommended essential oils for pain in the neck and general muscle inflammation.

        5 Essential Oils You Can Use For Neck Pain

        Whenever your neck pain flares up, here are five go-to essential oils for neck pain to consider:

        Peppermint Essential Oil

        Peppermint essential oil is widely prized for its rich therapeutic potency.  The all-natural plant extract contains properties that come in handy for reducing inflammation, muscle spasms, pain, and even headache.

        Peppermints’ characteristic menthol appeal delivers a soothing and relaxing effect to achy and sore muscles. Its anti-inflammatory property particularly helps reduce swellings in target skin areas.

        Marjoram Essential Oil for neck pain

        Marjoram Essential Oil

        Marjoram oil is a less known essential oil, but kitchen experts can swear by the herbaceous flavors this oil adds to their recipes.

        But besides its flavourful characteristic, marjoram oil delivers some calming potentials.

        For your neck pain, marjoram promotes relaxation, reduces muscle spasms, and boosts blood circulation around affected areas.

        Basil Essential Oil for neck pain

        Basil Essential Oil

        Like marjoram, basil essential oil is a common ingredient in cooking recipes.

        But far away from its famed culinary effect, findings show the oil may also deliver a range of positive potentials. Among them, research suggests the oil extract can help manage inflammation related to neck pain.

        lavender Essential Oil for neck pain

        Lavender Essential Oil

        Lavender essential oil is arguably the most popular among essential oils for neck pain.

        From its aromatherapeutic prowess to its anti-inflammatory properties, lavender’s value is clearly worth the hype.

        Lavender’s rich fragrance – thought to help reduce anxiety, stress, and other psychological concerns – is no longer news.

        But, interestingly, it also contains rich anti-inflammatory properties that could work some magic against neck pain, tension, and swellings.

        eucalyptus essential oil for neck pain

        Eucalyptus Essential Oil

        Eucalyptus essential oil delivers a cool soothing effect similar to peppermint’s– except that eucalyptus is somewhat less intense.

        From the results, eucalyptus essential oil may contain some healing properties that can relieve your neck pain and inflammation.

        Can I Just Buy and Apply These Essential Oils for Neck Pain?

        That’s not recommended.

        Whether for inhalation or skin application, essential oils–although natural–can be toxic in their crude state. For this, the general rule says to mix with carrier oils before application.

        Jojoba oil and almond oil are two effective base oils to consider. Alternatively, mixing your essential oil into a neutral body cream works as well. You can also check out our "Complete Guide on How to Make Your Own Lotion with Essential Oils" for more information!

        You can find some high-quality ready-to-use essential oil blends from Moxe’s rich collection.

        Where To Buy Essential Oils For Neck Pain?

        If you looking for carefully crafted essential oil blend for neck pain then consider MOXĒ Dream


        Using Essential Oils for Neck Pain


        1. For a safe solution, mix between 5 to 10 drops of your preferred essential oil with 50ml carrier/base oil or cream.
        2. Ensure it mixes thoroughly.
        3. Rub the solution on your palm and liberally apply it to trouble spots.

          On the off chance that you desire more from your essential oil for neck pain solution, try a self-massage. With self-massage, the oil not only penetrates through the skin to relieve pain and inflammatory effects, but its aromatic appeal also helps calm tension.

          Remember– a poorly mixed essential oil can be too concentrated and irritate your skin or turn out overly diluted with little or no effect.

          Hot and Cold Compressions

          Using essential oil-infused warm or cold compress

          Compress is an age-long go-to for inflammation and pain relief.

          You’d be amazed how much effect your preferred essential oil can contribute to this old traditional pain therapy.

          Sounds interesting, right?

          Here’s how to go about your essential oil compress:

          1. Have some water in a bowl. While warm water works best for pain relief, cold water is most suitable to soothe inflammation.
          2. Mix in your diluted essential oil to your bowl of water.
          3. Submerge a clean piece of cloth into the mixture. Allow it sink completely.
          4. Squeeze the fabric to lose out excess water.
          5. Hold your towel against the affected area.
          6. Allow to stay for about 15 minutes.
          7. Repeat at least twice daily – or as desired.

              Don’t throw it off yet – you can rewarm the essential oil solution in your microwave for reuse!

              Things To Remember When Using Essential Oils for Neck Pain

              Always Dilute

              It’s best practice to dilute essential oils before topical applications. This helps reduce its toxicity and, in turn, lessens the likelihood of any skin irritation and related adverse reactions.

              Remember that essential oils deliver different effects across skin types. So, to be double sure, consider a skin patch test. This way, you can predict and forestall any possible allergic reaction.

              Safety and Skin Irritations

              If you notice any anomaly on your skin after application, wash off the solution immediately, discontinue usage, and discuss with your doctor or a dermatologist.

              For safety, expectant or nursing mothers should consult their healthcare provider before using any essential oil for neck pain – or similar concerns.

              Keep Essential Oils Away From Children and Pets

              Also, when using essential oil for its aroma-therapeutic potency, consider the interest of those around too – including pets and infants.  Wondering if essential oils can be harmful for pets? Learn which essential oils could be harmful to pet here: Can essential oils be harmful to pets?

              Avoid Consuming Essential Oils

              Lastly, while essential oils can manage a range of concerns in several ways, direct oral administration is off the list.

              Although there are food-grade essential oils that are commonly used for cooking, in the context of this discussion, apply essential oils strictly for inhalation and topical applications.

              When to see your doctor? 

              Essential oils for neck pain have gained impressive reviews. While these recommendations have shown great promise for our everyday neck-related discomforts, seek immediate medical attention for more severe conditions such as associated with a fall or injury, vehicular accident, or a degenerating health challenge.

              Speak with a doctor if:

              • Your neck pain is severe.
              • It seems to spread to your legs or arms.
              • The pain lingers for over a week, even after using the recommended essential oils for neck pain.
              • Your condition comes with significant weakness/tingling or with numbness.

                  Tips For Preventing Neck Pain 

                  In addition to your essential oils for neck pain, some simple tweaks to your everyday lifestyle will come a long way - here are some helpful recommendations:

                  Maintain good posture: when sitting, particularly on your work desk, or standing, ensure both shoulders are balanced; not slanted. Also, ensure both ears hang directly over your shoulders.
                  Don’t tuck your phone between your shoulder and ear while making calls. If your hands are busy, prefer a speakerphone or headset.
                  Adjust your chairs, desk, and computer to ensure the screen is at your eye level. Also, your knees should slant, but slightly, above your hips.

                      Resting your arms on the armrest also adds comfort and corrects your posture.

                      • Take breaks: If you're working long hours on your desk or traveling several hours, take breaks. Stop, stretch out, and, possibly, move around in between work hours.
                      • Avoid heavy loads that weigh down your shoulder.
                      • Your sleeping pattern matters too. Maintain a good position for sleep – ensure your neck and head aligns properly with your body. A small pillow placed under the neck will help. Possibly, sleep, back down, with thighs slightly elevated. This helps align your spine muscles.
                      • Smoking may also contribute to your neck pain. If you smoke, consider a quit.


                          Essential oils have gained wide-spreading attention lately for some apparent reasons. Besides being 100% natural extract, they are holistic and can easily be incorporated into your everyday life.

                          Interestingly, certain essential oils can come in handy for neck pain and all its discomforting effects, including dizziness, backache, and headache.

                          That said, before using essential oils for neck pain, run a skin patch test to ensure your mixture works well for your skin. It 

                          If no reactions after, say, 24 hours,  feel free to use essential oils as frequently as you desire.

                          Unlike your everyday painkillers, there are no risks of drug dependence, a resultant addiction, and all its undesirable tendencies.

                          Finally - although essential oils offer effective therapy for neck pain, consult your doctor if you experience more severe symptoms. 

                          For more inquiries on using essential oils for neck pain or general essential oil inquiries, take advantage of MOXĒ's free consultations.

                          For more information, visit our FAQ page! 

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