7 Best Essential Oils For Constipation Relief and Upset Stomach

by Alasdair Walker

When you experience things like constipation or an upset stomach, it can feel like your body is revolting against you, often with no discernable explanation. However, using natural remedies like essential oils can help. 

Essential oils are potent compounds carefully extracted from plants. They’ve been used for centuries as alternatives to traditional medicines and, as such, can help to treat various health problems. In a world of busy schedules and expensive healthcare solutions, it’s sometimes best to try and get results with a simple home remedy first. 

Here we’ll list the best essential oils for constipation and upset stomach and how best to utilize them. 

man using ginger essential oil to relieve his upset stomach 

Best Essential Oils To Consider For Constipation And Upset Stomach 

Constipation and upset stomach and are more often than not related to digestive problems. For this reason, they can be treated with a lot of the same essential oils that help ease digestion and relax muscles.

Here we have listed 7 top essential oils which can be effective in treating upset stomach and constipation:


Ginger oil is most commonly used to treat nausea and improve digestion as well as constipation. Studies have shown it to be effective when ingested, but also massaged on the skin. Always dilute essential oils in a carrier oil for skin application. 



This essential oil contains menthol for a numbing effect and can be used as a mild analgesic for pain relief, whether applied to the skin or inhaled through aromatherapy. Peppermint also has the ability to relax muscles which can help with constipation. 



Similar to peppermint, Rosemary can kick the digestive tract into gear by relaxing muscles and allowing for easier bowel movement. The menthol scent also helps upset stomach and nausea when inhaled. 



Fennel is well known for its laxative properties. One study found that it acts to reduce spasming and increase motility in the digestive tract



Lemon oil contains antioxidants that are capable of improving digestion and reducing inflammation. This can help the digestion process run more smoothly to eliminate constipation. 


Lavender and Chamomile 

These oils both have natural calming properties when ingested and inhaled, which can help to ease soreness and relax muscles. Chamomile in particular has been used to soothe an upset stomach for thousands of years in ancient medicine. 


Try MOXĒ Frost with Peppermint oil for nausea and pain relief




happy woman who treated her constipation with fennel essential oil


How To Use Essential Oils As Home Remedies

Essential oils are incredibly concentrated, often volatile compounds that can irritate the skin and even cause burns if applied directly and should never be ingested directly as they can be toxic. 

Always dilute any pure essential oil in a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba before using it on your skin. Read more about how to dilute essential oils for skin application.

  • Massage over the abdomen gently to increase blood flow, relax spasming, and ease pains. 
  • Inhale through diffusers or inhalers to benefit from the oil’s analgesic properties. 
  • Be sure to consult your doctor before trying these remedies. 


Essential oils can be used to treat upset stomach and constipation quickly and effectively by utilizing certain oils’ natural pain relieving and muscle relaxing properties. Just diffuse, inhale, or massage these oils over the skin for fast relief!

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