5 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

by Joshua Matzkin

Looking for a little boost in the bedroom? You could try oysters, but if you want to avoid seafood breath and food prep, we have some aphrodisiac essential oils to help you out. 

Aromatherapy for mood modulation has been around for centuries, and its use as a libido enhancer is nothing new. Essential oils have been studied for potential sexual health benefits ranging from increased blood flow (in all the right places) to performance anxiety relief. 

Here, we'll get into which oils are the best for the boudoir and how to use them to your benefit. 

woman using lavender essential oil as an aphrodisiac to increase arousal

Essential Oils For Sex Drive

For those interested in improving their sex life without pharmaceuticals, or maybe you're just looking for some fun experimentation, there's a fairly lengthy list of oils to consider.

And while there isn't enough research to get into absolutes, studies have shown that certain properties of some oils are linked to more positive sexual experiences.

Smell is one of our strongest senses, and the things we smell invariably have an impact on our brains. Whether it is a familiar scent that triggers a memory, or a  pleasant aroma that soothes and relaxes, working this sense routinely into your sex life is a sure fire way to liven things up. 


Research has shown sandalwood to increase arousal in some women. Certain components of the oil may result in mood enhancement, opening them up to more pleasure during sex. 

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang is a floral oil with euphoria-inducing properties in some individuals. In others, it can even increase self-esteem. What's better than feeling like a total bada** before a bout between the sheets? Increased confidence can be magic for a memorable shared experience. 

Clary Sage

In women specifically, clary sage has been shown to help relieve pain associated with menstruation and may even reduce cortisol levels (a stress hormone). Nothing kills the mood like being stuck thinking over the day's stresses instead of being present in the moment, so diffusing this oil prior to intimacy could help you let loose and enjoy. 


It seems nothing truly beats the versatility of lavender essential oil. Like clary sage, it is known for its calming qualities. Being relaxed and comfortable is the best start to any sexual encounter. The sweet floral aroma can help put people at ease


For male sexual performance enhancement, there are few natural supplements more well known than yohimbe. This oil is known to increase blood flow to the penis and help with maintaining erections. 

couple diffusing sandalwood essential oil as an aphrodisiac before sex


How To Use Essential Oils For Sex

There are plenty of ways to utilize the power of essential oils, especially in the bedroom. Simply smelling the oils is enough to enhance the evenings proceedings. Women who have a better sense of smell actually are known to have more orgasms!

Just goes to show, you should never discount any of the senses when it comes to sexual stimulation. 

You can choose to diffuse your oil in a room diffuser, dilute in a carrier oil and massage your partner for a more sensual approach, or use a personal diffuser or inhaler. Whatever you decide, be sure to speak with your healthcare provider before using essential oils on or around your body to make sure it's a good option for you, as some of these oils can be irritating to skin and allergies. 

For a full guide on using essential oils for sex, and more recommended oils to try, read here

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These 5 aphrodisiac essential oils can help boost your sex life to new levels. With properties ranging from mood enhancement to physiological benefits like increased blood flow and stamina, these oils can become a positive addition to your intimacy routine.

As exciting as it is to try new things in the bedroom, though, be sure to always perform patch tests and speak with your healthcare provider about allergies and sensitivities before using new oils. We don't want your fun night to turn into a cautionary tale to tell at parties!

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