How to Use Essential Oils for Sex

by Kirby Drake

Let's go back to the basics when it comes to sex by using our primal senses.

Some do not realize that essential oils do such a fantastic job when it comes to utilizing our senses during sex and they can also help set the mood for a steamy session.

When reading this blog, you will learn how to use essential oils for sex, plus all the exciting things you can try in the bedroom. (P.S. Valentine's Day is right around the corner - wink wink)  

How to Use Essential Oils for Sex


How to Use Essential Oils for Sex

1. Diffuse Sensual Scents 

    Set the stage by adding sensual essential oil blends into your diffuser or light an essential oil-based candle. Research notes that women who have higher scent sensitivity reports more orgasms than those who do not. So try a blend that has hints of sandalwood or lavender - these certain scents contain aphrodisiac properties. Our own Love Essential Oil Diffuser contains a custom blend of essential oils made for lovers in mind.

    But remember, using your sense of scent can make sex that much more interesting - so get that diffuser going and let the games begin! 

    2. Turn Up the Heat with a Massage 

      We must not forget the importance of foreplay here. What better way to heat things up than with the power of physical touch by providing a delicious massage? Using a massage oil that combines essential oils allows for the scent of the oil to be activated when rubbing the oil onto your partner. This gets the blood flow going wherever being massaged and also sets the mood for excitement, romance, and playfulness in the bedroom.

      It's common to forget the importance of foreplay and rush straight to sex. But remember physical touch is such an aphrodisiac and combining this with essential oils can only make sex that much better. 

      3. Let’s Get Bubbly 

      Ladies, ladies, ladies - I know we can all agree that a bubble bath with your partner is pure euphoria. It’s also a little change in environment from doing everything in the bedroom. Try adding 3-12 drops of an essential oil combined with a premium carrier oil into your warm bath. I personally recommend using rose essential oil, which provides a sensual and romantic scent. There are also two studies that found inhaling rose oil increased sexual desire and sexual satisfaction among both men and women. 

      How to Use Essential Oils for Sex

      Essential Oils for Sex 

      1. Sandalwood 

      Sandalwood has a deep, woody scent that both men and women love. Women are more commonly attracted to this scent and it promotes a sensuality by relieving tension and mental blocks. It's perfect for upping that mood, turning up the heat, and increasing your desire to have sex. 

      2. Rose 

      There is no coincidence to why roses are so frequently bought for Valentine's Day - their decadent scent has quite an effect on us. Simply smelling rose can stimulate your libido by supporting the circulatory system and helping with blood flow to the nether regions. Making this quite a hit with its stimulating properties. 

      WOOH, did someone say it's getting hot in here! 

      3. Cinnamon 

      Cinnamon is a "warming" essential oil, which is another essential oil that increases blood flow and circulation. This essential oil is known for getting that sexual energy going, which is necessary to reach that full state of arousal. Mix this in a bath by combining it with fragrances like rose and vanilla - I guarantee that bath won't be a short one. 

      4. Jasmine 

      Jasmine is commonly used in perfumes and it is known for its distinctive sweet-smelling, sensual, and rich aromatic notes. This scent has quite the aphrodisiac effect and it has been reported to increase romantic and positive feelings. 

      Research was done on the stimulating effects of an aromatherapy massage using jasmine oil and the results make me want to get a massage A.S.A.P. The results stated that jasmine oil in a massage increased arousal, while also making the subjects feel more alert and vigorous. These are all necessary for having great sex with your partner. 

      5. Ylang Ylang

      Women especially gravitate to ylang ylang because of its gentle floral scent and its calming properties. This helps women gain their sexual confidence and sensuality, which is perfect for a splendid night of sex. 

      I recommend diluting the oil with a carrier oil and applying a light amount to your inner thighs. This will really get things going! 

      How to Use Essential Oils for Sex


      Sex is a beautiful thing! It is an amazing moment that we share with someone special, but of course learning to spice it up is key to any healthy relationship. Before you go out buying wild toys and outfits, I would first highly recommend trying essential oils in the mix of things. 

      What I love about essential oils and sex is that it allows you to use more of your senses, like smell and touch, which can heighten intimacy in all the right ways. It also allows you to have fun and figure out which essential oil scents you two gravitate to more. 

      So go out there and have some fun by discovering and trying out something new in the bedroom! 

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