12 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Scent a Room

by Fernando Martinez

As the ‘go-organic’ campaign gains momentum, many households are swapping out their regular synthetic cleaning agents for more natural applications with non-toxic ingredients.

If you found this article, the chances are that you too are searching for how to use essential oils to scent a room in your home as an alternative to commercial air fresheners.

With the right applications, these chemical-free options are thought safe for you and the entire home - including your kids and pets if used appropriately.

When it comes to an organic home cleaning remedy, essential oils are a common mention. These all-natural options are a trusted companion to help clear out offensive odors hanging around your home.  

That’s not all - essential oils usher in refreshing and uplifting scents that boost mood and bring that comforting homely appeal into any space - even miles away from home or traveling. 

Did you know that there are many ways you can scent a room with essential oils? Sure, you’re probably thinking of the obvious aromatherapy diffuser, but we are here to share 12 exciting ways to scent a room with essential oils.

Best of all, these room scenting DIY tips and tricks are easy and do not require extra out-of-pocket expenses. 

Here are our 12 ways to use essential oils to scent a room!


Electric heated diffusers to scent a room with essential oils

First up is an aromatherapy enthusiast staple, electric diffusers. These electric-powered diffusers heat your essential oil to release aromatic vapor into your space. These electric units are available in different sizes, shapes, and with varying features.

Commonly found on wall outlets, pug-in diffusers are an easy way to get a room smelly lovely with essential oils. 

While some of these units are desktop models with plugs for direct electric sources, more recent technology features a USB port, which allows for flexible charging.

You’ll find more complex [and somewhat more expensive] options with fans to help properly disperse the released fragrance into your space. 


Scenting a room with essential oil reed diffusers

Reeds are popular diffusers. They not only help your space smell nice, but they could also add a cool touch to your home decor.

These diffusers feature tiny channels designed to absorb oils and disperse the same into the atmosphere as soon as the oil particles get to the end of the reed. 

Unlike the electrical options, reeds are not electric powered (and eco-friendly!). This makes them relatively more flexible, as you can place them practically anywhere around the home.  

However, before setting these bad boys in your home, consider placing them in spots where they won’t easily get knocked over. 

Reeds can diffuse essential oils all day. They don’t require regular monitoring as with their electric-powered and other heat-inclined variants.


candle diffuser to scent a room with essential oils

Candle diffusers, like electronic units, heat up essential oils to release sweet-smelling aroma into the air; however, candles and electric diffusers work in slightly varied ways. 

Using candle lamp diffusers requires that you mix in a couple drops of your preferred essential oil to a bowl of water and pour the solution on the pan over the candle. 

Then, light up your candle beneath to heat the oil-water mix and release the soothing aroma into your space. 

Candle diffusers are commonly available in ceramic and glass materials. 

A caveat, though - candle diffusers are a bit risky and should be monitored regularly as they work with open flames. Remember to be mindful of kids and pets when using this method! 


Ultrasonic Diffusers for scenting a room with essential oils

Heating is no doubt a good and common way to diffuse essential oils. However, generating heat in any appliance comes with its fair warnings such as fire hazard potential and high electrical consumption.

Luckily, ultrasonic diffusers can provide the same effect as a heating diffuser without generating heat or worries!

The ultrasonic aroma diffusers use sonic waves [rather than heat] to atomize essential oil and water. The device then releases these oils as tendril of mist which are visible as they disperse. 

Some proponents prefer this method, as it doesn’t involve heating, which is thought to tamper with essential oil’s original chemical structure, and hence, ruin its full potency. 


Essential Oil room spray for scenting room

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This is a less-hassle and, arguably, the easiest way to use essential oils to scent your home. 

This technology works by mixing oil in water and pour into a spray bottle for spritzing around your space. 

Mists and sprays are undoubtedly the most convenient and travel-friendly option.

This method requires no heating, electricity, or any complex addition - just the formula (water and oils) and your spray bottle.

However, one downside of water-based sprays is that essential oil blend may deliver a less potent fragrance without atomizing. So, if you’re using sprays, you may beat down your expectations a bit as the aroma won’t come off as strong or long lasting as heated or atomized options.

However, not all essential oil sprays lack the powerful “unfff” typical of diffusers! MOXĒ Room & Linen sprays are naturally formulated and provide long-lasting aromatherapy effects.


Unfinished Wood to scent a room with essential oils

Here's another thoughtful diffuser to consider for your essential oils. Its relatively high absorbency level makes a good fit. 

However, ensure you use truly unfinished wood - no paint or lacquer coverings.

You can add a couple drops of essential oils to clothespins and clip to different locations around the home. You can try the same on your unfinished woodings and place them at strategic positions across the home - just as you would do to your air freshener or reed diffusers.


MOXE essential oil personal diffuser

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What is a portable essential oil diffuser pen? Well, these convenient diffusers are often called a “personal diffuser” or “diffuser stick,” or “aromatherapy pens” where the battery-operated diffuser is filled with a mixture of essential oils, vegetable glycerin, and water. 

Inside is a heating element that’s activated by suction—when you inhale, the mixture is heated, and a white cloud of aromatherapy vapor emerges.

MOXĒ diffusers are the most natural and convenient way to experience aromatherapy anywhere and any place. Making it most ideal to scenting the area around you with therapeutic effects of essential oils. 


baking soda for scenting a room with essential oil

Baking soda absorbs impressively, a property which makes it a common consideration for your homemade diffuser. 

Mix in some drops of your favorite essential oil into about a handful of baking soda.

Using a decorative dish, placed on your table or counter will add a better visual appeal to your home.

Alternatively, you can spray the baking soda all over the home - targeting couches, carpets, and whatnot. But you’d have to vacuum hours later.  

While the baking soda absorbs impurities and dirt, your essential oil releases its aromatherapeutic appeal.


Cardboard for scenting a room with essential oils

Perhaps you never imagined - but several everyday objects around your home can have dual uses - one, as a diffuser.

In this context, your tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls are typical cases.

Thin cardboard papers soak up essential oils so that a few drops of your oil inside the tissue box or toilet paper roll can hold the good smell for a long enough time.


Terracotta flower pot for scenting room with essential oils

Do you have a garden pot or flowerpot lying around your home? If so, chances are you already know what terracotta is.

Terracotta is a type of clay pottery that is used in many flowerpots. But did you know terracotta can absorb oils? You can also use it with essential oils to scent up your entire room!

Simply, rub some essential oils on the terracotta and allow the material to soak up the oils. The clay will absorb the essential oils and slowly release the aroma over time (usually between 2-6 hours depending on the essential oil).


cotton balls for scenting a room with essential oils

These are a great way to hold and release your essential oil fragrance over time. Cotton balls are impressive absorbents. 

Simply pour a few drops of essential oil on your cotton and place them in those stinky little corners or anywhere you want to freshen up. 

Leave some balls in your bathroom and kitchen. Garbage pails are good places to target. Somewhere around your cat's litter box or inside stinky shoes are interesting places to consider.


Stove for scenting a room with essential oils

Essential oils are not just for your rooms, per se. Your kitchen - perhaps the most functional room in the home - needs to smell good too.

Drop about 8 to 10 drops of essential oils into a pot with water. Allow over a stove to heat until simmer. 

Check routinely and add more water and oil as needed before it dries up.  

This rich alluring fragrance from the heated oil will fill up your entire kitchen and even spill to other rooms.


To diffuse simply means allowing it to spread over an area - in this case, it entails releasing essential oil scent into your choice space.

Diffusing your oils may not necessarily happen with machines. Regardless of your preferred means of diffusion, here's some benefits of from diffusing essential oils:


This is an age-long method that uses specific aroma to influence mood and certain medical effects. Essential oils are particularly known to promote relaxation, calmness and invoke certain emotions.

Air Purifier

Certain essential oils are common recommendations for anti-bacterial intents. Essential oils like thyme, lemongrass and cinnamon naturally possess anti-bacterial and anti-microbial compounds that give the oils inhibitory abilities to kill bacteria and mold. This offer more than just masking awful smells but may also handle the root source of such offensive aroma.

Induces sleep

Essential oils like lavender have been used since ancient times for their relaxing properties. These oils contain certain compounds that help modulate effects that cause stress and anxiety, thereby improving sleep

Boost focus and energy

With their uplifting aroma, essential oils are thought to boost blood flow and deliver enough energy to help stay long enough on tasks, helping you hurdle through those off peak hours of the day, staying alert.

Boost immunity

Given their antifungal and antibacterial details, essential oils can help you manage flu seasons and cold, reducing exposure to lingering germs.

Supports respiratory functions

Essential oils are thought to manage sinuses and related bronchial and nasal issues. These oils have a sharp, cooling aroma that improves blood flow and in turn, clears the airways for enhanced breathing. 

Air freshener

Essential oils are popularized for the fresher and cleaner smelling atmosphere they deliver.  This works best in small spaces, like your home. 


Among other reasons, essential oils are widely prized for their fragrant delivery in your room.

These oils are praised for their aromatherapeutic gains - from anti-bacterial properties, leaving your air cleaner to its calming and peace-inducing effect. 

When choosing your essential oils, note that certain scents and blends work better than others. If you are unsure which blends to start with, you may want to check out MOXĒ Essential Oil blends. These blends are carefully crafted and offer a therapeutic balance effect to uplift your mood. Check them out!

As you learned, there are several ways to diffuse essential oils in your room - from electric-powered devices to easy DIY diffusion alternatives.

Even if you’ve been using diffusers for a while now, we’re pretty sure you learn {at least] one or two ways to scent a room with essential oils from the article. 

With the above tips, you can go ahead and explore the benefits of essential oils for your home and office space.

For more information on how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life, we’ve compiled some helpful resources to make your experience remarkable.

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