Why You Should Use An Essential Oil Room & Linen Spray for Sleep

by Fernando Martinez

We've all been there: You can't sleep—too many concerns running through your mind; or perhaps, just too stressed or overwhelmed to.

Family history, stress, mental or physical illness, sleeping or living arrangements, diet, shift jobs, and exercise routine are typical factors that may cause sleep troubles.

Arguably, sleep deprivation is said to be more harm to your health than food deprivation.

A short period of sleeplessness can have grave consequences on your health, cognitive functions, mood, and general productivity.

Sleep solidifies our immunity in readiness to combat illnesses and everyday stressors.

Reading on, this article explains linen sprays, how they work with essential oils, some valuable ingredients to look out for when scouting for essential oil linen spray for sleep, and where to buy trusted top-quality linen sprays. 

Introducing Natural Essential Oil Room and Linen Spray For Sleep

Some natural approaches help maintain a good sleep cycle. Among the proven few, natural essential oils are a worthy mention.

Whether infused in diffusers, used as a pillow spray, or an aromatherapy roll-on, these oils may help normalize your sleep patterns.

One exciting way to apply these aromatherapeutic oils is via essential oil linen spray for sleep.

Besides just sleep, essential oil linen spray leaves your home smelling all fresh and inviting.

Before we delve into the details, first things first…

What Are Room and Linen Sprays?

Room and Linen sprays are a common household item made of neutral alcohol or deionized water and infused with some scents –commonly, essential oils.

These liquids usually come in spray bottles, offering a convenient way to spritz the solution on your towels, linen, clothes, soft furnishing, carpets, and the air around your home or car.

Room and Linen sprays are designed to invigorate the air around you and freshen up linens and other soft fittings between washes.

Besides, spraying them on your clothing while ironing leaves an appealing and therapeutic scent on your fabric.

Quickly, let's run through other common essential oil linen spray applications you too should consider:

Places You Can Use Your Essential Oil Room and Linen Spray For Sleep

Bed linens

Spritzes of an essential oil linen spray on pillows and sheets introduce some fresh alluring scent into your space before your next wash.

Before bed, after a long day, essential oils-infused linen sprays can deliver a lot of aromatherapy benefits. It can help you sleep early enough, preparing you for the next day's routine.

The smell from select essential oils, can deliver calming and soothing effects which attract sleep.

woman spraying air freshener in her home

Air freshener

Remember those times you had a guest over at short notice and got so involved in other preps and had no time to clean and air out your home? A linen spray would've come in handy!

Interestingly, linen sprays work the same way your air freshener does– the same application.

And, of course, just as your typical lavender air freshener, your lavender oil-infused linen spray can promote a long peaceful rest.

Soft furnishing

You can use linen spray to freshen up carpets and soft furnishing in your bedroom. They stick on soft furnishing like cushions that are not designed for washing – Or, not for regular washes. Your room stays smelling fresh, creating the perfect atmosphere for your night's drifts.

Away from the sleep benefits – do you consider selling off your home? An alluring fragrant aura can make a huge difference. You may be surprised how much more value a 'simple' smell and its resultant comfort adds to your home value when potential buyers come checking.


Far away from the comfort of your home, sleep may be scarce.

It's commonly challenging to sleep in a 'foreign' bed or location. In such cases, the pleasant smell from your essential oil-infused linen spray can bring the comfy home-like effect that helps you relaxed, bringing along that homely appeal on your journeys.

If you had to lodge in a smokey room, you might just be saying farewell to a good night's sleep.

A rich-smelling linen spray can coat the residual odor. A couple spritzes on the soft furniture, carpets, curtains, and directly into the air should perfect the magic.

Common Essential Oils in Room and Linen Sprays for sleep

Essential oils are of different types and offer unique effects. Here are some of the best essential oils to use in your Room and Linen Sprays


As with other citrus fruits, bergamot delivers an uplifting scent that promises relief from tension, clears mental clutters, and boosts mood.

Sweet Orange

Here's another common citrus oil widely used for stress relief. The oil is thought to cut down on stress hormone production, boost mood and deliver an overall calm to the body.


Lavender's relaxing effect is no longer news. Among other essential oils, lavender has gained widespread traction for its remarkable calming effect. Lavender has shown good promises in improving the mind and, consequently, sleep quality.


From German/Roman roots, chamomile is prized for its mild sleep-inducing effects, calming the nerves and improving relaxation.


Geranium comes with a soothing aromatic appeal that helps handle stress-related mental issues like depression and anxiety.


Here's another common ingredient in linen sprays that plays a supportive role in delivering those long peaceful nights. This insomnia solution has been used for many centuries to provide both body- and mind-soothing effects.


Frankincense's reputation cuts far back into history as a natural solution for stress relief. The oil is said to boost relaxation and peace of mind.


This common linen spray ingredient is soothing and has shown promising results in ushering calm to the mind, offering relief from tension and anxiety.

Where To Buy Quality Essential Oil Room and Linen Spray For Sleep

There are several ready-made essential oil linen sprays for sleep with regulated ingredients and processes on the market.

However, a disturbing number of these brands contain unhealthy ingredients that could trigger respiratory and related health concerns.

For the best buy, consider products like Moxe's Dream Room Linen Spray is a top-notch recommendation. The made-in-US product contains 100 percent natural essential oils. No harmful chemicals. No harmful preservatives. Of course, zero artificial dyes.

You can bet on these products for a soothing natural sleep remedy.

In our opinion, essential oils, particularly lavender oil-infused, are a must-have for every household – it makes your space homely.

Besides helping manage stress and, in turn, promote a healthier sleep pattern, some essential oils, like lavender, deliver some antifungal and antibacterial effects.

These products are a great natural way to replace those lingering unpleasant odors with an all-new comforting aura that promotes zzzz.

If you ever get overwhelmed by the options, feel free to discuss with us – we'll walk you through the options and help you make the best-informed decision for your linen spray for sleep purchase.

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