Rose Nasal Inhaler

Stop and smell the roses with the Rose Nasal Inhaler. Rose essential oil is extracted from rose petals, it's known for its very rich, romantic and sweetly floral aroma.

This enchanting sweet and floral scent is known to relax the senses, providing the perfect solution to combat stressful and anxious feelings. 

Rose has also been used for centuries to improve and boost mood. Its uplifting scent stimulates the release of endorphins, the "feel good" hormone. 

Roses are also associated historically with romance and passion. The Rose Nasal Inhaler is great for balancing hormones and as an all-natural aphrodisiac

♡ Made with high-quality, ethically sourced 100% natural essential oils that are safe to use.
♡ No parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances
♡ Leaping Bunny Certified
♡ Certified vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free
Rosa damascena (Rose Flower) Oil

1. Twist the cap to remove the inhaler from its compact casing.
2. Place the inhaler close to your nostril and inhale as needed.
3. Enjoy the sweetly floral aroma.