Dream Essentials Bundle

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  • $69.99

With MOXĒ Dream products, creating healthy sleep habits are easier than ever because they’re easy and safe to use on a nightly basis.

Here are 4 ways you can start getting better sleep with the Dream Essentials Collection:

1. In the Shower or Bath - Create an entirely new experience by adding aromatherapy oils to your shower or bath. Before bed, run a warm shower and add a few sprays of MOXĒ Dream Shower Spray along the walls of your shower or in your bath.

2. Diffusing Throughout Your Space- To wind down from a hectic day, add 3-5 drops of MOXĒ Dream essential oil blend to a room diffuser. Inhaling the blend during your nighttime routine calms your mind and body and gets you in the right mood to settle down for the night.

3. Spritz on Your Linens - Create a calming environment that encapsulates you by spraying MOXĒ Dream Room + Linen Spray over your sheets, blanket, and pillow. The mist evaporates quickly allowing you to sleep comfortably with the aroma surrounding you.

4. Inhale Directly - If you’re someone who often wakes during the night, whether it’s to use the restroom, get more comfortable, or you’re just a light sleeper, you can use MOXĒ Dream Nasal Inhaler to get you back to sleep quickly. Simply keep it on your nightstand, uncap, hold to your nose and inhale deeply a few times before cozying back under the covers.