Why Premium Hand Sanitizers Are Better

by Alasdair Walker

If you’re looking to buy hand sanitizer during the global pandemic, panic buying world we currently live in, it’s essential to know which sanitizers will actually work to kill off microbes and why premium hand sanitizers are simply better.

Not all hand sanitizers are created equal and factors like adequate alcohol content, the inclusion of skin fortifying ingredients like aloe and essential oils, and even pleasing scents are things to consider when buying a product you put your faith in to help shield your health and safety during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond. 

Here is everything you need to know about effective hand sanitizers and where to get them. 


premium hand sanitizer can be used to kill these germs


Premium Hand Sanitizers

Unfortunately, there are hand sanitizers out there that may smell great, come in cute little dispensers and holders looking glittery and shiny, but don’t actually do much in the way of sanitizing. 

Premium quality hand sanitizers are regulated by the FDA as over the counter drugs, so they must maintain certain standards that guarantee their efficacy. For one, the FDA requires that all OTC hand sanitizers contain no less than 60% alcohol by volume. If your sanitizer has less than 60% ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, it's likely not getting the job done in terms of eliminating bacteria. 

Aside from the main goal of killing germs, superior sanitizers take into account the effect on your skin. Alcohol can be quite drying, especially when it makes up a large percent of the product, so it's important to balance with moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera and essential oils.

Hand Sanitizers With Essential Oils

Not only can essential oils in your hand sanitizer make it smell more pleasant and less clinical, these oils on their own have been shown to have tremendous antimicrobial properties, so they provide pleasing aromas with the potential for an added germ-killing boost! 

Some citrus and menthol based oils may be particularly effective in neutralizing certain bacteria, so look for sanitizers with these added oils. 

MOXĒ premium hand sanitizers with citrus essential oils can be purchased here


woman using premium hand sanitizer to kill germs


What Hand Sanitizer Is The Best? 

Anyone can boast a "premium" hand sanitizer but how do you know which one will actually work best for you?

Simply put, the best hand sanitizers follow the FDA's guidelines for manufacturing and composition and have added ingredients to keep your skin healthy and moisturized, and aren't being sold at staggering prices during a global health pandemic. But how you use your sanitizer can be just as important. 

Usage Tips: 

  • Use a good-sized squirt/pump and evenly distribute it through your hands, over the backs, and between the fingers. 
  • Do not wipe your hands after application, let the sanitizer air dry completely before using your hands. 
  • Use frequently whenever soap and water are unavailable. 

Remember that sanitizers are not a replacement for washing your hands. If soap and water are available, it is always better to wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds than to use sanitizer alone. 

For more information on how to use and shop for quality hand sanitizers, read the FDA's frequently asked questions page on the subject here



Premium hand sanitizers are your best option for combating infection when washing your hands isn't an option. Look for sanitizers with high alcohol content and added essential oils for the best all-around sanitizer. 

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  • Posted by Ramona Cole on

    I recently purchased Moxe hand sanitizers at my local Costco store.
    My husband, and love 💘 the fragrance, and the gel sanitizers.
    I will purchase more.
    I wish it came in a gallon.
    I purchased Equate hand gel sanitizer at Walmart, and it smelled sour. Moxe keeps it fragrance, and smells so clean, and fresh.
    Thank you.

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