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Is there a New Year that goes by where at least part of your resolution isn't to get in better shape? We all use that "fresh start" motivation to set goals for ourselves, and hitting the gym more frequently always tops the list. And while sticking to fitness routines is difficult, there are certain essential oils that can help get you excited to hop on that elliptical!

Essential oils can help elevate your workouts to get you committed to your new routine and surpassing your fitness goals. These versatile compounds have the potential to relax muscles, speed recovery, and get you in the right state of mind to power through a tough workout. 

Learn how to use five oils in particular to get you where you want to be this post-holiday season. 


Essential Oils For Exercise

Some of the best oils to help invigorate your workout are at your fingertips, waiting for you to drop them in your diffuser or some carrier oil. These include:  

  • Peppermint. This oil has natural cooling properties to help give you a jolt and keep you pumped throughout your workout. One study even showed that inhalation of peppermint helped reduce workout fatigue
  • Lemon. Lemon oil has a fresh citrus scent that can promote calm and help relieve stress associated with hitting the gym. For a lot of people, the idea of being inside a gym may be unfamiliar and the trip alone can be anxiety-inducing. Therefore, inhaling the relaxing aroma of lemon before heading on your way may be just the motivator you need to brave your new surroundings until you're more comfortable.
  • Sweet Orange. This oil, like peppermint, has been shown to boost energy and decrease exercise fatigue when inhaled prior to workouts. 

woman working out after inhaling peppermint oil for energy and enhanced exercise 

Essential Oils For Relaxation and Recovery

While you may need some oils to elevate your mood and energy levels to get your ready for an intense workout, it's good to have some oils to bring you back down and help you relax those muscles and relieve soreness. Here are a few such oils: 

  • Lavender. No list of relaxing oils is complete without lavender oil. Although most people associate it with calming qualities and sleep (as they should), it can also be helpful as an analgesic. Rubbing the diluted oil on sore joints and muscles can speed up healing to get you back in top shape in no time. 
  • Marjoram. Like lavender, marjoram oil is well known for its pain relieving qualities and most especially for its potential to relax muscle spasms and tension. 

These five oils can be diffused in a room diffuser or a utilized in a nasal inhaler for energy boosts, or diluted in a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba and rubbed into affected areas for best pain/joint relief results.

If you're more interested in essential oils specifically for weightless, read here

man relaxing after using essential oils to boost his workout with increased energy

Other Ways To Get Yourself Motivated

Beyond essential oils, there are plenty of ways to make sure you're sticking to your fitness goals this year.

  1. Start tracking progress. Seeing visible, quantitative proof of your fitness progress is one of the best motivators for continuity in your routine. So track steps, time your jogs, and record miles to keep track of how you're improving!
  2. Don't be discouraged by slip-ups. Everyone has their off days, the key is not to let an off day turn into a week or month. Missing a workout is bound to happen, we're humans with busy lives and stressful days. Just make sure that you're not making this excuse consistently. 
  3. Get more mobile in little ways. Increasing your activity level in small increments can help reduce the shock of going from zero activity to strenuous workout sessions. Work your way up by adding more mobility to normal daily routines like taking a lap around the office every hour to stretch your legs, forgoing the elevator for the stairs a few times a week, or going on short 15-20 minute walks around your neighborhood in your free time. 

woman walking her dog to increase her activity level and using essential oils to help motivate her exercise routine


Getting in shape for the new year can be a true test of your commitment, but essential oils can be helpful tools in your endeavor. From a boost in energy during your workout to after hours recovery, these oils are a must try if you plan to stick to your resolution. 

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