Essential Oils for PMS Symptoms

by Kirby Drake

For us women, we know those dreaded few days before our period arrives can be the absolute w o r s t. We try our best to prepare for when the wrath of the PMS scaries make their appearance every month, and we've found essential oils for PMS symptoms are incredibly helpful.

I don't know about you, but my PMS symptoms have a mind of their own. My signature symptoms include uncontrollable food cravings, bloating (my fav), moodiness/being emotional, and sore boobs for days. 

My way of managing my PMS symptoms was either not doing anything about it or relying on a pain reliever medication. These didn't do much for me. So, I researched and tried a more natural alternative to manage my symptoms, and that is when I started incorporating essential oils. Reading further, you will learn my recommendations on how to use essential oils to manage PMS symptoms. 


What Research States About Essential Oils and PMS  

There is evidence and research showing that aromatherapy can reduce the overall symptoms from both the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS. In this particular study, women were given an inhalation of a fragrance from orange and the response was positive. Female patients had lowered anxiety, higher peace, and a more positive mood.

Another study used lavender essential oil inhalation therapy to cope with PMS, and it also showed positive results from the use of lavender essential oil. It was concluded that inhalation aromatherapy can be used for coping with PMS symptoms. Symptoms like anxiety, nervousness, pain, bloating, and depressive thoughts were shown to be decreased by this method. 



How to Use Essential Oils for PMS Symptoms 

1. Lavender 

Lavender essential oil is loved by many because of its versatility. We put it in our baths, they're diffused during massages, and it's even offered as a gelato flavor (it's delicious BTW). But did you know lavender essential oil may greatly reduce pain and discomfort associated to menstrual cramps? Research has shown that massaging the lavender oil onto your abdomen can help to relieve cramps. 

Recommended Use:

Add a few drops to your preferred carrier oil. Massage a small amount into your abdomen once per day for at least one week before your period is expected to start. Please make sure to do a skin test before doing so to test for any reactions of essential oils on the skin. 


2. Clary Sage 

Clary Sage is literally your best friend, especially during that time of month when our bodies are out of whack. Clary Sage has the ability to reduce stress and can be used later on in life for menopause symptoms. 

This plant name is derived from the Latin word "clear" and, it's a no brainer, this plant has a fascinating way of bringing an overall sense of clarity and calmness to oneself. This is absolutely necessary when those PMS symptoms are coming at you full force. 

Recommended Use:

When the infamous symptoms such as bloating, mood swings, or food cravings hit ya, try putting a few drops in your diffuser or diluted in a warm bath. You can also massage this in a carrier along your abdomen and lower back. 


3. Peppermint 

For all you girls suffering with nauseousness, peppermint essential oil might be the answer. Traditionally, it has been used to relieve nausea or bloating because of its calming and numbing properties that can relax the stomach muscles. 

A scientific review also concluded that the inhalation of peppermint oil reduced the incidence and severity of nausea and vomiting. This may be useful for girls who struggle with digestive issues before and during their period. 

Recommended Use: 

Using a MOXĒ Breathe Nasal Inhaler when feeling nauseousness. You can also put 10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil in a diffuser, massage this diluted in a carrier onto your stomach, or try drinking some soothing peppermint tea. 


4. Rose 

Rose essential oil can be used in so many facets, but we typically do not associate it as a remedy for menstrual cramps. In a 2014 study published by the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it was found that a group who massaged a carrier oil (almond oil) with rose essential oil added in reported less cramping pain. This was in comparison to the same carrier group using solely almond oil to massage their abdomen. 

Rose EO may also be beneficial to help battle those blues in times when you feel down before your period starts. Studies have shown how using this in an aromatherapy massage can stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain. 

Recommended Use: 

Schedule an aromatherapy massage and ask for rose essential oil to be added into the oil. You can also add 10 drops of rose essential oil into a carrier oil, then add into a warm bubble bath. 

Girl using an essential oil bubble bath to help with PMS Symptoms




Man, can periods be a real pain and it's time for us to take control of our PMS symptoms before they control us! Thus, essential oils and aromatherapy can be something further researched to control those pesky PMS symptoms. Because it's sometimes best to look into natural approaches before trying medicine. 

I also want to mention that anything noted above should not be taken as medical advice - please always consult your doctor before trying natural medicine. But I do hope that this blog provides useful information about essential oils and how they can be used to combat PMS symptoms. You can also learn more about how essential oils can be be used for irregular periods in our other blog

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