Safety is Our Priority

Your MOXĒ diffuser is not an e-Cigarette. Your device was made to safely distribute our organic essential oil blends. The temperature of your MOXĒ diffuser is also kept as low as possible to preserve and maintain the healing properties of our organic essential oil blends.  



We've created our unique, organic essential oil blends in a FDA-registered laboratory. Each product page provides more information on why we have chosen that ingredient for that blend. 

MOXĒ diffusers and nasal inhalers do not contain any illegal or addictive substances. Our organic essential oil blends do not contain nicotine, artificial ingredients, flavorings, tobacco, Vitamin E acetate, THC, propylene glycol, or synthetic cannabinoids.

When choosing our suppliers, we ensure they must follow:

  • sustainable and responsible sourcing
  • extensive and thorough testing done on their ingredients
  • transparency about their safety protocols

Before our products are sold on the market, we take the initiative to test the essential oil blend one final time for any adulteration or contamination.  


Leaping Bunny Certified 

On December, 20th, 2019 Be MOXE LLC's products have also been certified by the Leaping Bunny Program. This certification ensures our ingredients are adopting those to the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals. 


Diffuser Device

Your device will not exceed 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which maintains the integrity of the product. This is important because higher temperatures will certainly evaporate the essential oils much faster than is needed and may, if too high, pose a risk and burn the oils thereby changing its essential therapeutic benefits. 

Regarding the battery in your MOXĒ diffuser, it has an internal divider which protects the device from any risk of flame or burst. In rare occasions, if your device is overheating place your diffuser on a cool surface or area and wait for it to reach a safe temperature.