Josh Matzkin Josh Matzkin

Josh Matzkin

Boss of All Things: CEO

From: Royal Oak, Michigan
Favorite MOXĒ Blend: Breathe

Meet our founder and CEO, Josh! The busiest bee of the bunch, Josh ensures our MOXĒ goals are being met and is always creating new exciting ideas to take our essential oil creations to the next level. When he’s not blasting rock tunes in his office and finding new ways to make MOXĒ better, you can find Josh playing the piano, sneaking in a video game session, or practicing his golf skills (he’ll get there one day!).

Kirby Drake

The Office Mama: Executive Coordinator

From: Tampa, Florida
Favorite MOXĒ Blend: Dream

Meet Kirby! When she’s not revamping the website, working on our beautiful labels and packaging, or making sure everyone is on their ‘A’ game, you can find Kirby watering her plant collection, gyming it up, feeding the frequent office squirrel visitors and spending quality time with her 4-legged BFF’s, Frank and Lilo.

Lauren Afanasiev

The Creative Queen: Brand Manager/Graphic Designer

From: Orlando, Florida
Favorite MOXĒ Blend: Peace

Aside from being a total graphic design and branding nerd, Lauren directs and creates nearly all the visual, branding content and photography for MOXĒ. She makes sure our positivity-driven and female-empowering aromatherapy brand shines through in everything we do. In her free time, you’ll find Lauren buried in her laptop as she creates her debut music album!

Jay McDermott

Operations Mastermind: COO

From: New Jersey
Favorite MOXĒ Blend: Energy

A true kind hearted soul, Jay keeps our small and full-of-life team organized, and always with a clear goal ahead. Apart from keeping everyone’s morale high and helping us all stay organized, you can find Jay spending his free time perfecting his fishing skills.

Sebastian Niegowski

E-comm Guru: E-commerce Manager

From: Poland
Favorite MOXĒ Blend: Breathe

Known as the ecommerce expert, Sebastian swiftly works on improving MOXĒ’s Amazon platform and researching new exciting and innovative ways to take our essential oil creations to the next level. When not in his office, you might find Sebastian practicing the difficult sport of Jiu-Jitsu in his spare time or disco-dancing when the opportunity arises - stay clear of the dance floor if Sebastian is around!

Amira Salem

The Lab Queen: Lab Manager

From: Cairo, Egypt
Favorite MOXĒ Blend: Peace

Known as the science geek queen, Amira has a passion for essential oils and finding new ways to introduce aromatherapy into daily life. Amira focuses on researching, and formulating the best essential oil combos for our MOXĒ essential oil creations. When not in the lab, Amira is a true darts champion (amongst her friend group at least).

Fernando Martinez

The Lab King: Lab Manager

From: Plant City, Florida
Favorite MOXĒ Blend: Frost

Fernando is also an aromatherapy-loving scientist at heart and plays a key role in the creation of all our MOXĒ creations. With his heightened sense of smell, Fernando is a true specialist in identifying scent notes and finding ways to perfect a blend until it’s finished. When not in the lab, Fernando enjoys crafting custom cocktails at home for his close friends.

Candace Williamson

The Fab Filmer: Videographer

From: Panama City, Florida
Favorite MOXĒ Blend: Happy

Known for her true talent in videography, Candace is our videographer creator and develops, and creates the beautiful videos you see throughout our website or on youtube and instagram/fb! When she’s not layers deep in video editing, Candace is documentary film-making or rewatching her all time favorite movie, Holes (2003).

Our Process


Conciously created, earth-friendly, and never artificial.

In-House Testing

Our on-site lab allows for constant quality & safety testing.


Our products are all made in-house in Florida and never outsourced.*