How to Use MOXĒ

What is MOXĒ?

Your MOXĒ essential oil diffuser or nasal inhaler will carry our crafted organic essential oil blend in a base of organic vegetable glycerin. All ingredients are sourced within the United States from distinguished essential oil companies.

How to Use Your MOXĒ Essential Oil Diffuser:


  1. Remove the cap of the MOXĒ white protective tubing.
  2. Press your mouth to the opposite side of the MOXĒ symbol.
  3. Breathe into your mouth gently, without inhaling via the lungs. The MOXĒ symbol will light up.
  4. Exhale the aerosol out of your nose.


How to Use Your MOXĒ Nasal Inhaler:

  1. Unscrew your MOXĒ inhaler
  2. Insert the inhaler into each nostril
  3. Hold the other nostril closed and inhale deeply
  4. Repeat frequently as needed 

How Long Does an Aromatherapy Diffuser Last? 

Each MOXĒ provides approximately 300 gentle breaths. If you are a first time user, try 3 to 5 gentle breaths a few times a day, and see how the specific blend works with you and gauge if you need to increase or decrease use. Each MOXĒ diffuser lasts a user approximately 3-4 weeks.


We take safety very seriously, and when MOXĒ is used properly, MOXĒ is safe for all users. Breathing in essential oils is arguably one of the safest means of administering essential oils. As you are breathing in from your MOXĒ diffuser, you create a water vapor within the metal tubing. This is not smoking because you are not inhaling a burned material. The essential oil diffuser will heat the device no more than 220 degrees Fahrenheit. MOXĒ is not an e-cigarette. MOXĒ is not a vaporizer. All of our essential oils blends are free from nicotine, tobacco, artificial flavorings, diacetyl, or illegal substances.