Eucalyptus Shower Spray

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Turn Your Shower Into a Spa 

Experience a home spa experience like no other by filling your shower with the delightful and heavenly aroma of pure eucalyptus. 

Immerse yourself in deep relaxation from the aromatherapy benefits of eucalyptus essential oil. The steam from the water will create a natural diffuser for the eucalyptus oil, leaving you with a clear, invigorated feeling that soothes your mind and your senses

Not only does eucalyptus have relaxing properties, this essential oil will also help clear you of any congestion, helping you to breathe freely.  

With over 100 uses, this bottle of essential oil mist gives you relief for over 100 morning or evening showers!

Why MOXĒ Eucalyptus Shower Spray?

Eucalyptus Shower Spray: Pump a few sprays of eucalyptus essential oil into your warm and steamy shower and let the natural power of eucalyptus enhance the showering experience. This wonder oil creates a refreshing and revitalizing scent that is found to help alleviate muscle pain and reduce stress and anxiety levels. Eucalyptus essential oil not only provides relaxation but also aids in clearing congestion, allowing you to breathe freely.


Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)

How to Use

Step 1: Spray downward into shower stream and along walls. Repeat as desired.
Step 2: Allow essential oils to activate with steam.
Step 3: Take a deep breath and experience pure tranquility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the smell last?

Essential Oils are extremely potent and combined with steam from a shower, it is even more powerful. The smell will linger for a short period of time after your shower, and will eventually disippate soon after

How many Showers does each bottle last for?

Of course, it depends on the amount of sprays per shower, but on average, each bottle will last for over 100 showers!

What is the most amount of sprays I can use?

There is no limit to the amount of sprays you can spray. You might even find it necessary to spray a few times throughout your shower if you want to maintain a strong smell. Use your judgement and spray with caution because you can always spray more.