Benefits of White Fir Essential Oil

by Joshua Matzkin

White Fir trees not only look great decorated in your living room on Christmas, but the oil extracted from them can be useful to you year-round. The benefits of white fir essential oil can enhance lots of aspects of everyday wellness. 

Essential oils and aromatherapy can be great forms of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), especially for those of us that are interested in more natural remedies to maintain our health. 

In this post, we'll get into all the ways that white fir essential oil can be beneficial to health and wellness. 

White Fir Oil Uses and Benefits

White fir trees are native to the western United States and North America. They're best known for those breathtaking snowy landscape photos and filling your home with fresh pine scents at Christmas time.

Dig a little deeper, though, and the usefulness of this tree become more and more evident. 


woman meditating near white fir trees from which white fir essential oil is extracted



The fresh scents of pine from white fir trees makes for a calming environment and can enhance mood in some users. Essential oils have been shown to actually affect brain chemistry and the release of "feel-good" neurotransmitters


Take a deep, relaxing breath of white fir oil and release built up tension. Massage this oil into your skin for a helpful way to destress and take a break form your hectic day.


The aroma of white fir can be revitalizing. Diffuse at your desk at work during the late afternoon slump for a quick boost of energy or take a big inhale of the oil right upon waking to start your day right. 


White fir oil can be a great addition to your floor or surface cleaning routine. Add a few drops to your mopping solution (or make your own!) for fresh clean scents throughout your home with an added boost of antimicrobial action

Try this DIY floor cleaner with white fir oil: 


  • 1 Gallon of warm water
  • 1 tsp White Fir Essential Oil
  • 1 tsp Lemon Essential Oil
  • 1 tsp Balsam Fir Essential Oil
  • 1 oz Castille Soap


Mix ingredients in your preferred receptacle and soak a clean mop head or rag. Wring out and enjoy the cleaning power of essential oils!


Undertones of white fir are used in perfumery and the making of colognes. With its woody scent, it softens sweet and spicy scents for a balanced aroma. 

How To Use White Fir Essential Oil

Making good use of aromatherapy and essential oils is the fun part! There are so many options available for utilizing the power of these oils, and you get to pick the one that best suits your circumstances or mood. 

Here are a few of our suggestions to get you started: 

  • Diffuse within your space. If you have a room diffuser handy, you can add a few drops of white fir oil to water and fill your room with fresh pine scents for a relaxing vibe.


  • Massage on your skin. You can dilute the oil in a carrier like coconut oil or jojoba and massage into your temples of painful tension spots to relieve stress and loosen muscles. We recommend 3-5 drops per ounce of carrier oil. 


  • Take on-the-go. With portable aromatherapy options like nasal inhalers and personal diffusers, it's easy to take the relaxation of white fir oil wherever you go. 


  • Add to your bath. For a stress reducing spa atmosphere, add a few drops of oil to your bath and soak away your worries. 

    Remember, essential oils can be irritating in their pure form so always dilute in a carrier oil before you apply to your skin, and we also suggest doing a patch test to make sure a particular oil isn't allergy-inducing to you. 


    diffusing white fir essential oil


    If you're looking for a new essential oil to add to your aromatherapy wheelhouse, look no further than whit fir essential oil. This fresh pine scent can help energize, alleviate stress, and bring in a pleasant scent to cozy up your home. 

    Just be sure that whichever way you plan to use your oil, you're careful with your dilutions to avoid any irritation and avoid using around your pets, as most essential oils aren't good for them. 



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