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About energy

  • WintergreenStimulates the senses and increases attentiveness
  • SageAids with mental fatigue and strengthens the senses
  • Black pepperEnhances alertness and stamina through spice
  • AniseRegenerates your chi and elevates your mood


Strong aromas uplift the mood and empower the senses. Perfect for when you’re overworked or overstressed, this invigorating blend of essential oils enhances your body’s natural vibrations to promote healthy energy.

USA Based Essentail Oils

USA Based Essential Oils

All our essential oils are extracted in the USA, ensuring purity and effectiveness. We only utilize the highest quality ingredients available.

Organic Essential Oils


All our essential oils are certified organic, and we hold them to the highest standard. We source our products from organic growsers and distillers who take pride in sourcing from mother nature, and nothing else.

USA Based Essentail Oils

Perfectly Formulated

Our essential oils are formulated to be quickly absorbed by the smell receptors, which have a direct link to the limbic system which controls how you feel.

How to use my MOXE diffuser

  1. Remove your personal diffuser from the packaging by popping off the cap
  2. Press your lips to the diffuser
  3. Breathe into your mouth for 2-3 seconds, without inhaling through your lungs
  4. Exhale through your nose
MOXE energy

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