Sell MOXĒ at Your Own Retail Store

Whether you’re a big box retailer, natural foods store, chiropractor office, yoga studio, or other type of store, our team has a solution for you.

Wholesaler or Distributor?

Our wholesale program is designed to allow wholesalers and distributors to capitalize on the rapidly growing aromatherapy market by offering unique MOXĒ products to their customers.

Feature MOXĒ products as a Social Media Influencer

Do you have a large social media following and would love to promote our MOXĒ brand? We want to hear from you! Just shoot us an email at, and we will get back to you!


“These sell like crazy at my yoga studio. My customers love the convenience of being able to bring aromatherapy products everywhere they go!!”

Isabel D.


"I absolutely love working with MOXĒ because they let me customize my retail displays to whatever I need. They are always willing to work with me. I am a customer for life!"

Junbae L.

Whether you are looking for a small retail display or are interested in something more custom - we've got you covered. We want to ensure all your needs are met!

We offer you:
- Free replacements on customer returns**
- Free advertising materials
- Any necessary training about our products