Happy Essential Oil Diffuser

Help battle those blues and let your positivity thrive with this feel good blend. Happy is made with the essential oils of fennel, thyme, cinnamon, and sage - making this the perfect blend to start your day. 

        • Ingredients 

        Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare): Fennel provides clarity and elevates the soul. 

        Thyme  (Thymus vulgaris): Thyme elevates your mood and reduces stress.

        Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum): Cinnamon warms the body and increases blood flow to the brain. 

        Sage (Salvia officinalis): Sage produces a calming effect and lifts your spirits. 

        • How to Use

        Remove your personal diffuser from the white tubing by removing the cork with your thumb.

        Press your lips to the diffuser.

        Breathe into your mouth for 2-3 seconds, without inhaling through your lungs.

        Exhale through your nose.


        • DO'S & DONT'S

        Do's: If this is your first time using a MOXĒ diffuser, start with 3-5 breaths every couple hours, and gauge use from there until you reach your desired mood. If that it not enough, try more breaths. 

        Dont's: Do not get your diffuser wet, this will stop your device from working.