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Dream Inhaler - MOXĒ
Dream Inhaler - MOXĒ

Dream Inhaler


A RELAXING AROMATIC BLEND TO SOOTHE YOU INTO A DEEP SLEEP - MOXE Dream is a soothing blend of natural Lavender essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, and Grapefruit essential oil. Lavender is well known for the powerful relaxation that can reduce anxiety and stress. Lemongrass also possesses similar benefits. We combined these two powerful ingredients with Grapefruit essential oil, which can ease headache pain, and depression to ease you into a deep and restful sleep.

REFRESH AND ENHANCE BREATHING - Let the aromatic vapors of MOXE's organic essential oils in an easily used nasal inhaler fill your nose and help you open up your nasal pathways for enhanced sinus relief. Plus, the refreshing scents invigorate the body in harmony within the natural movements of nature.

All our essential oils are certified organic, and we hold them to the highest standard. We source our products from organic growers and distillers who take pride in sourcing from mother nature, and nothing else. All our essential oils are extracted in the USA, ensuring purity and effectiveness. We only utilize the highest quality ingredients available.
Our essential oils are formulated to be quickly absorbed by the smell receptors, which have a direct link to the limbic system which controls how you feel.
  1. Remove your personal diffuser from the packaging by popping off the cap
  2. Press your lips to the diffuser
  3. Breathe into your mouth for 2-3 seconds, without inhaling through your lungs
  4. Exhale through your nose

Be You. Breathe MOXĒ

Carry the power of Mother Nature anywhere with your MOXĒ portable essential oil diffuser. 

100% Organic

MOXĒ’s essential oils are sourced from US-grown farmers who believe in the superior quality and safety of their organically grown plants. Our oils are produced via steam distillation, the most superior method of extraction, which preserves the potency and quality of the essential oil.

Try Them All.

We offer five crafted organic essential oil blends that are connected to the most important feelings in your life; being at peace, feeling happy, being in love, having energy for life, and feeling dreamy.

Dream Inhaler - MOXĒ

Dream Inhaler