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You're Grounded!

by Megan M |

Being grounded is something that everyone should aspire to in their lifetime. You have complete control over your life and you aren't focused on the past or future – only here and now. If you’re able to handle life's challenges instead of running away from them and pretending that they aren't there, then you're probably here for some extra ideas on how to be more at peace. This article is going to go over some ways that you can have a little more balance in your life.

Going barefoot and physically grounding yourself is such a good way to recharge. The Earth has so much energy that will nourish your body. Get outside and get connected to Mother Earth again. A great thing to do outside is meditation. Imagine roots growing out of your feet (in a peaceful manner) and going into the Earth, and imagine those roots going all the way to the core. You’ll be surprised at how amazing and recharged you feel.

Water is also a great way to get your head back on straight. Having a soak in a hot bath, or having a shower, is a great way to literally wash the negative energy off of you. Mixing Epsom salts and bath oils are also a great way to indulge. Besides, who doesn't love a great bubble bath? While you’re getting soaped up, just be silent and let your mind wander; let the water wash over you and imagine the negative energy slipping off your body and down the drain. Sometimes other people’s negativity can impact you even after you leave their presence.

One thing you should try to do is sit in stillness, which means that you need to find a peaceful spot, either outside or somewhere you feel at peace. When you get settled, take in everything that's happening around you; focus on what you smell, hear and see, focus on the present moment and don't allow your mind to wander into the future.

Sometimes it is a difficult thing to be able to not worry about things that could happen in the future, and it's extremely difficult to not focus on what has happened in the past. Don't let those things affect your life in a way where you shut down. Be sure to look after yourself.