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This Is Why You Need A Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

by Megan McCullough |

Imagine walking into any room in your house or apartment and instantly feeling better, being able to breathe easier and even easing your persistent coughing or allergies – sounds like heaven right? Well, this is what a Himalayan salt lamp can provide for you and your home. A clean and welcoming atmosphere, along with being an environmentally friendly light source, what more could you ask for? The following is a bunch of reasons why you should run out and buy a salt lamp now.

Mood Improvement: Salt lamps are a great way to boost your mood and to also help you to unwind and relax after a really stressful day. Salt lamps can also help your concentration too, it's amazing how just one thing can help improve the full spectrum of your mood. Salt lamps actually improve the blood and oxygen supply to your brain and other organs, as well as giving you a boost of serotonin - this is the neurotransmitter that literally makes you feel happy.

Better Sleep: A lot of the time when you can't get to sleep it's because you are overexposed to positive ions in the air when you are exposed to those positively-charged particles it can actually reduce the blood flow and oxygen supply to your brain which will result in an irregular sleep pattern. Himalayan salt lamps are natural negative ion suppliers and can help reverse this problem and help improve your sleep quality. If you are one of those people who need complete darkness when you sleep, keep the light on all day to help neutralize the air and then turn it off when you head to bed.

SAD: People who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or, SAD will find that this lamp benefits them in so many ways. Not only do these lamps help improve your mood and energy, the glow of the salt lamp is close enough to the glow of the sun that they can actually help relieve the side effects. During the months when the days are shorter, surrounding yourself with a couple of these lamps will help you get through the darker days.

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are becoming increasingly popular, because people are starting to really feel the positive results of having them in their homes, even if you don't fully believe in the power of the salt, try a small one out and see how just one small change can bring big changes to your home life and well-being.