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Haunted Road Trip

by Megan McCullough |

Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than going to see some of the best-haunted places that the United States has to offer. There is so much history just in our backyards that we forget even happened, and as soon as we step into those buildings the history comes alive again and tries to get our attention. If you are looking for a few spooky ideas for a road trip to take before Halloween, keep reading.

Yuma Territorial Prison, Arizona

This site has been designated a state historical park and is easily one of the creepiest ones in the nation, along with being one of the most haunted places in Arizona. Guides have reported feeling chills, especially when they pass cell 14 where an inmate who was incarcerated for committing "crimes against nature" ended his life. In the known "dark cell", prisoners in pitch-black solidarity went mad being chained to ring-bolts in the walls.

The Stanley Hotel, California

If you are a fan of horror then look no further; this hotel is actually the inspiration for Stephen King's Overlook Hotel. There are rumors of haunted rooms and even service workers who are still wandering the grounds. Be warned though, this location is at such an extreme elevation that you will get light headed even walking to your room, so even one drink could have you seeing things.

Fairfield Hills Hospital, Connecticut

For 65 years, this was one of the largest mental institutions in Connecticut, and, at times, housed more than 4,000 inmates before its closure in 1995. Locals from the area have reported seeing figures passing through windows, nurses looking down from upper floors and other paranormal activity. Beneath the building, however, there are tunnels that were once used to transport patients and equipment all over the campus during the colder months, and who knows what secrets those passages hold.  

Exploring abandoned places is always a chilling experience, whether they are haunted or not. You walk into the building and can feel the history surrounding you. Halloween is a perfect time to take advantage of high alert paranoia and give yourself the creeps, you might be surprised what you learn or who you see in the process.