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Green And Clean

by Megan McCullough |

Every time you pick up a cleaning product there are countless warning labels telling you that you aren’t supposed to ingest, inhale, get it on your skin or rub it into your eyes, and if you do any of these things you are to call poison control or go to the hospital. All of that sounds pretty scary to us, and when you start to have kids and pets, it gets even scarier knowing that those kinds of products are in your home. This is where green products come in. They seem to work just as well and are naturally derived. What could be better?


Unlike conventional cleaning products, green products have ingredients in them that you can pronounce and recognize. You might notice that your family suddenly doesn’t sneeze, cough or have as many headaches or rashes once you stop using chemical based cleaners.

Clear Conscience

When you choose green cleaning products, you are making the conscious decision to positively impact the environment. Most ideal green cleaning products are made with naturally derived, safe, biodegradable and non-toxic ingredients, and they should be using sustainable manufacturing practices. You really can’t get a better deal.

Easy Job

Did you know that a lot of the green products you can buy are multi-taskers? You could replace your whole toxic arsenal with just a few amazing green products and still have a squeaky clean home. Vinegar, for example, can be used as an all-purpose, cleaner for windows and can replace your mildew removing chemicals easily.

More people should start to invest in greener cleaning products. We could impact the environment in a positive manner, have clean homes and not have to worry about our families’ health and well-being just for the sake of using a name brand, toxic chemical to clean our counters. Look at your local super centers to see what kind of products you can get to bring a bit of green living into your home.