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Fastest Growing Green Companies

by Megan McCullough |

It is no secret that humans need to start being more environmentally friendly. We are running out of time, and if we want a healthy planet to pass on to future generations, we needed to be more aware like 10 years ago. While some companies, are all about the almighty dollar and don't care about the effect their corporation has on the world, there are some companies who take it extremely seriously, and these are the ones to watch and support.

Elevate Structure

In 2012 a group of residential engineers started building eco-friendly structures to help the real estate market get to a more affordable level. These portable structures are elevated above ground and therefore, use 6 to 20 times more usable space and leave less of a footprint on the ground. This method allows consumers to be flexible to build more or even relocate. Spaces around 250-square-feet cost anywhere from $75,000-$125,00.

Arctic Sand

This MIT startup was launched in 2011 with the goal of saving 80% of all the energy that is lost in the form of heat worldwide. The power conversion technology offers products with proprietary technology that was developed and exclusively licensed by MIT. They reached a total $26.8 million in funding as of October 2018.

Freight Farms

Launched in 2010, this Boston based company launched the idea to turn shipping freights into self-contained farms. Freight farms allow consumers to grow fresh products using LED's and a hydroponic system in any environments 365 days a year. This freight will set you back about $85,000 due to the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

These are only three of the various companies that we should be watching. There are so many brilliant and environmentally forward-thinking people that should be at the front of this fight against climate change. Screw people who keep dumping money into coal, oil and other massive corporations that just intend on harming this planet we call home. As a race, humans need to start looking into alternative methods to get our everyday tasks done, because we are running out of time and resources. The time is now.