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Composting 101

by Megan McCullough |

With the way that this world is going, humans as a whole need to become more conscious about what we do with our waste. Landfills are taking over the land we live in, and plastic is taking over the oceans and killing the marine wildlife in the process. Most people can't afford to have full solar panel setups and other high tech environmentally-friendly additions, but we all eat and can at least compost our food waste instead of throwing it out into the garbage to decompose in a landfill somewhere. Keep reading to get the starting steps you need to start your own compost pile.

Before you start to compost, figure out where you are going to put your compost pile. If you live on a smaller plot of land, you might want to invest in a container for your compost. One of the best places to have it would be beside a garden – compost is the best fertilizer you can get as it improves your land's fertility. Whether you use it on your lawn, garden or landscape, you can't go wrong with using your homemade compost instead of going to buy some at the store. Once you get your compost container set up, you can throw in your kitchen scraps, from eggshells to clam and crab, even leaves and old dying plant material - except for poison ivy - into your compost bin. When you are gathering the kitchen scraps avoid throwing the following into the compost:

Processed foods
Anything Toxic
Pet poop

The next thing you need to do is the easiest, you wait. Let nature take its course, and if you keep adding things to the top, after a few months you will have some black gold coming out of the bottom. Even if you never use the compost, you have already contributed by not throwing waste into the public landfill. Everyone at some point very soon is going to have to come to the realization that we have to change our habits quickly. We are running out of time, but we have just enough to change our ways and help this planet start its healing process.