Behind the Scenes at MOXĒ: 8 Things You Might Not Know

MOAt MOXĒ HQ, we asked ourselves a question on one sunny fall day in 2017.

After botching an attempt to correct dilute Geranium in one of our carrier oils, we were frustrated.

"Wouldn't it be great if we could make this simpler?" asked Josh, our founder and CEO, after spouting a few choice words in good humor. 

It turned out that making Aromatherapy simple was a great idea, and thousands of you have come to love MOXĒ aromatherapy diffusers in the years since then. You've taken the time to share your personal stories with us, and we've loved every single one. Across the country, around the world, we've heard stories that made us laugh, made us cry, and made us shake our head. 

We thought it was only fitting for us to tell your our own story.

I'm Jack, our head of eCommerce and I wanted to sit down today to answer a few questions about our company!

We live and breathe holistic health and wellness. Among our ranks we are lucky to count a former D1 college football player, a strength and conditioning coach (me!), a yoga teacher who traveled the world for several years to seek mastery over her craft, and a hippie organic chemist who has seen it all, from Woodstock on. 

1: Where is MOXĒ located?

Tampa Bay (Hillsborough River) - bemoxe is Located

The Hillsborough River, connected to Old Tampa Bay

We are located in the beautiful Tampa Bay area! MOXĒ was founded in St. Pete in 2017, and our main office location is now located in Clearwater FL! 

Fun fact: the majority of us live in Tampa, and to get to work our commute takes us over 1 of 3 bridges right across Tampa Bay! How lucky are we to have a water view on our drive to work every morning?

Howard Franklin Bridge

 View from I-275 South (Howard Franklin Bridge)

2: What inspired you guys to start MOXĒ?

We've always used essential oils at MOXĒ - whether that's to clean our office or just to relax. We got our start in earnest in 2017 when we were frustrated with the lack of easy to use, portable aromatherapy options on the market. They were either too expensive, or just didn't contain Certified Organic Essential Oils. 

All of us are constantly on the go (more on that later) and we wanted to make sure we we're constantly carrying vials of essential oils along with heavy bottles of carrier oil. 

We wanted to make a diffuser that we could use on the way to work, or Saturday morning yoga with no stress and no mixing.

We're always a work in progress, but we think we've done pretty well. 

3: What is it like working at MOXĒ?

Short answer: Crazy. Long answer: Crazy - but with lots of laughs. 

We've had our fair share of misadventures at MOXĒ HQ. I'll recount a few from the last 12 months:

  • Our CEO nearly choked on a piece of steak at our annual Christmas party, and our organic chemist had to use the Heimlich to save him. Despite the excellent steak, no one really wanted to touch their food afterwards!
  • A birthday surprise that turned one of our offices into a blacked out disco zone that was surprisingly funky. The balloons stayed up for several weeks afterwards!
  • An ongoing debate over how much food our executive coordinator has managed to eat on any given day (it's a lot, she's always working out)

On a more serious note, working at MOXĒ is an experience. We are given creative freedom to tackle the challenges facing each of us in our departments. There is never a lack of support, and our team members are continuously supporting one another. 

That makes it easy to continuously strive to bring our vision of balanced health and wellness to life. 

We all take the time to travel, and on any given month one of our team members is out in the wilderness somewhere gathering new perspective and enjoying some much needed R&R. 

On a day to day basis, we're a very loud and boisterous office. We sing, we laugh, we judge our CEO's music choices, and above all, we work hard. We're a very active office, and chances are you'll hear someone grumbling about being sore, or perhaps you'll catch me in a mid-day sumo- squat stretch. 

4: Where is MOXĒ headed in 2019? 

We have some very exciting technology ahead of us, which we can't tell you about quite yet, but it will completely change how you think of Aromatherapy. We're currently working through the final stages of engineering. 

In the meantime, we are always working on putting out new blends of Certified Organic Essential Oil Diffusers. We currently have 4 new blends entering the final stages of development after months of research. 

We also expect to roll out our proprietary blends for use in any diffuser you currently have! We're pretty excited about this one, because there are several diffusers spaced throughout the office. 

5: How do you guys make your diffusers? What's in them? 

MOXĒ diffusers always start with a problem. MOXĒ is meant to help you take control of your life, and we always set out to solve a problem with one of our diffusers. 

Once we've had a problem we want to solve, the fun part starts. We begin researching and testing different blends of therapeutic essential oils. We always start with Certified Organic Essential Oils and base our research in traditionally vetted, science backed formulations. 

Most blends will go through dozens of cycles of testing, research, and more testing before they are finally approved! Once we approve the blend, we mix our oils here in Clearwater at one of our local facilities and have them quality tested. 

By this point, we will have had one of our design team working on a new layout for the diffuser itself. The idea will have been pitched and edited several times before a final winner is chosen.

From there, we send the oils to our manufacturing facility, where the tubes are filled and then ready to make Aromatherapy simple! 

6: Does MOXĒ HQ smell good?

Oh yes, yes it does. After a batch of nasal inhalers are finished, it smells amazing. I would say the office itself has a unique smell. It's been described to me as fresh, and slightly sweet.

That smell also definitely follows us home. It's a good smell. 

7: Where do we see aromatherapy headed in the future?

The future of aromatherapy is in science. Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine because they work. This is one example where science is just now starting to catch up with tradition.

The scientific community is beginning to realize that this natural plant therapy is useful.

However scientific studies are just scratching the surface of what aromatherapy can do. We hope to see more continued scientific progress into the benefits of aromatherapy. 

8: Will we be doing more giveaways in the future?

100%. We love giving you guys free stuff. 

We're looking for other ways to be more creative about it. Making the whole giveaway concept more fun is crucial. 

Want to ask your own questions for a future Q&A?

Email us your questions to! We'd love to answer any questions you have! 

Looking forward to hearing from you!




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